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Close Sexy Brazilian Dancers At Mynt! Miami Beach! A3Network is a group of online TV channels that reflect the modern lifestyle, featuring Bikini Girls, Sexy Pool Parties, Nightlife, Clubs, DJ’s, Music Video’s, Style, Art and Fashion. Whatever the flavor, the most exciting video’s on the web! Original A3 Network content is produced by http


Tahir Kamal says:

i love brazilain women

andxxxcb says:

Slave trade had heavy influence in Brazil hence the traces of African culture.

ShannelavTheUgly says:


Danaija Robinson says:

All of this looks and sounds very African…… Where there ever Africans in Brazil?

Rodrigo Oliveira Bião de Melo says:

Bando de gringos invejosos, que não tem cultura em seus país ai criticam a dos outros, mais fala sério com o resto do mundo falindo isso para mim é recalque !

Rodrigo Oliveira Bião de Melo says:

Brazil can also no longer will be the center of the world in a few years and Ukraine will be just another bankrupt country of the European union

mbc12345mbc12345 says:

Like this.

زدي اكون معكم
ياعرب لايك لو سمحتو

EDeeire says:

Whats the name of this song and by who?? It has mad rhythm!! Nadie iguala el ritmo brasileiro!

Zamiq Abdullayev says:


iusernaime says:

They don’t need anybody to tell them they are better or worse, they already think of their country, their culturure and their people as inferior, complexo do vira-lata.And have you never met one?Really?

Fernando Wieliczko says:

I’ve seen lots of Brazilians which don’t know much about their own culture, but have never seen any Brazilians with inferiority complex, since there is nobody to say they are better or worse. If you find one let me know 😉

iusernaime says:

And unfortunately great part of this comments are from brazilians with inferiority complex who probably doesn’t know much about their own culture.

FrEsH909LoUiE says:

i agree with you, brazil its awsome 🙂 beautiful garotas 🙂

FrEsH909LoUiE says:

brilhante video 🙂

Fabio Duarte says:

you are sick….I´m brazilian, and I hate this country.

ronasam80 says:

i am not brazilain but I love Brazil , they are beautiful and loving,happy people . Again beautiful videos on youtube is Ruined  by hate comments from sick idiots

maria gpccarmo cunha carmo says:

es cá das mnhas há pessoas que não tem nada que fazer é mesmo estou  de acordo

PotatoGunsRule says:

Manswers said that “60% of Brazilian chicks do anal sex.” Is that true? LOL

pisiquel says:

was prejudiced when you say that Brazil is only known for prostitution and HIV. But maybe your country is exempt from big problems for you to say.

Bryan Hisllas says:

and this subscrises are first world =/

33Alkaham says:

Nothing but shit! You’re talking nothing but shit! Arabian women are well-known for their magnificient beauty but brazil is only known for HIV prostitutes. Sorry, but truth hurts, fucking asshole!!!

33Alkaham says:

Fucking wanker, suck my dick brazilian wanker! Brazilians are world champions in masturbation hahaha the worst losers on earth!

33Alkaham says:

Suck my dick, farting wanker! Your parents are sisters like most brazilians …

Daniele Silva says:

Beautiful Latin American

Daniele Silva says:

that their envious in

Daniele Silva says:

Perfect beautiful Brazilian women, and prostitution is everywhere.
Women arabianas beautiful and greasy,
you have smelly stench rats pig.

Daniele Silva says:

Men who criticize this wonderful video must be some crazy queers … hahahahaha …

33Alkaham says:

The entire world talks about the INCREDIBLE BEAUTY of arabian women but nobody is interested in fat, saggy pigs with asses like horse = brazilian bitches! Fuck your mom, stupid asshole!

hunkyvampire says:

ARABIAN WOMEN = SLUTS / BITCHES / WHORES/ PROSTITUTES / FAT / UGLY / PIGS… to arabian women I only make sex in mouth or in ears / nose only… Other women of the world i make sex in vagina

you know why arabian women hide their face in black clothe? because they are disgusting and ugly!

33Alkaham says:

Suck my dick, brazilian piece of shit! Your women are whores everone knows it the world knows: BRAZILIAN WOMEN = WHORES !!!

Raíque xx says:

@TheBigJohnes Caro cidadão, coloquei meu comentário como “vergonha alheia” por que tenho vergonha de ser brasileiro e ter que viver “no país da bunda.”. Só coloquei tal comentário por que depois vem brasileiro reclamando que a europa vêem nossas mulheres como porstitutas. Não fico mais surpreso. E eu tenho namorada, só pra constar (:

Eduardo Campos says:

Homens idiotas que não tem cultura e não sabem o que é musica brasileira e dança…..Sera que vocês só pensam em bunda ???….Vocês tem merda na cabeça…Idiotas !!!…

Eduardo Campos says:

….E ai cara tú é homem…ou uma bicha ??…..hahahah..vai ver video de trico que tú ganha mais..hahahahhaa..

Eduardo Campos says:

Homens que criticam essa maravilha de video deve ser umas bichas loucas…hahahahaha…

Eduardo Campos says:

Como pode existir pessoas ignorantes a ponto de achar que uma dança e musica brasileira é pornografia…Esse video esta de parabéns…E mesmo porque essa boate fica em Miami Beach…essas pessoas que estão criticando esse video, são mal humoradas e não sabe o que é diversão….Tenho pena de todos os que criticarão o video !!…Idiotas !!..hahahahaha…

SamTheHammer says:

Voce esta certo!
Onde fica essa boate no Brasil?

royaltymovement says:


Raíque xx says:

vergonha alheia


Bro, you shouldn’t discriminate. Why so much anger? Every nation has bountiful women, you just have to embrace it!!! and most importantly Enjoy it!


I have to say…DAM NICE. I need to live there, they make English Birds look awfull!

Gal Emanuel says:

I love you Brasil.

igig1970666 says:

Oi , nao me importa nada cara ! Brasiliera , Arabe..E muito importante ela tem uma cheirosa buceta ne?

lampadasled says:

ITS HORRIBLE ITS NOT BRAZILIAN. Caralho filho da puta, voces enfiam samba com DANCE vai pra porra.

Rafaella Souza says:


עידן כהן says:


עידן כהן says:


jorgebassist says:

simplemente, eu amo brasil!

hunkyvampire says:

to arabian women i only make sex in their mouth… to other women i make sex in vagina

natureboyinyourface says:

muito bom.

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