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Твиттер ➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟ Паблик ➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟ ➨ Канал на ютубе ➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟➟ группа вконтакте


Bianca Williams says:

I am from brazil born and raise. Who told you this was our native dance lol wtf -_-


mas o que? ela não dança bem. Apenas sensualiza!

rburton800 says:

hi my name is Richard I am a freak a little big bootie now so eat p**** and ass.

Влад Сорокин says:


Marcos Mazomorel says:

vai tomar no cu

blake DeStout says:

Penis: See that?
Me: Yeah why?
Pnis: Click it
Me: ok

Wellington Moreno says:

this dance is called FUNK

Milhousedoze Crafter says:

Hey Am Is Brazillian

yousif ali akbre says:

stop it please you are making it grow and wake up xD

abdullah66577 says:

Skype: kadi-albnat
Nimbuzz: kadi1983
اخييه يبله جذي

Angelo gabriel says:

ela podia ter tirado a roupa

welwelwel2 says:

Ella está de vuelta!
Hola chicos, hazte un favor y escriba: sexy mami como tu en la Red Navegador YouTube arriba y haga clic en Buscar y ver el baile de la muchacha más hermosa sexy para ti — disfrutar

She is back!
Hey guys, do yourself a big favor and type: sexy mami como tu in the Red YouTube Browser above and Click Search, and see the most beautiful girl dancing sexy for you — enjoy

Renzo Vargas says:

The dislikes are because she dances not so good…. the likes because she’s brazilian and it’s damn HOT

ibrahim yolboğa says:

nice and hot GİRL^^ and vahtangful your beatbox very nice:D more video pls vahtangful for beatbox

VAHTANGful says:

Hot gerls

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