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Samba dance Competition Video filmed by Rodney Figueiredo. This is samba contest video for Rio Carnival 2010 Samba dancing may sound only as fun, especially for foreigners. But in Brazil this activity is sometimes taken very seriously by amateurs and professional dancers, as we will see below! Samba dancing in Brazil is part of our culture, part of our national identity. Just like Jazz in New Orleans, Tango in Argentina, and Salsa at the Caribbean, samba dancing is taught since the very early stages of life of Brazilians. In a natural form, every woman, learn how to samba dance to some extent, but are evidently not professionals. Samba Competition video at Brazil Carnival BR


Fernando Pereira says:

@kmgpcmz yes. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. And One of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. you can see it here :

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Totally agree with you. Curves, curves…Men like curves…:) Saludos desde Rio de Janeiro!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

gracias por el post ! Saludos desde Rio!

Requiemforalove says:

orgullosa de ser mitad brasileña, amo Brazil y su cultura, y aún no no conozco

Lauro Sosa says:

53 dislikes are gay fruity bootied queer motherfuckers!

Lauro Sosa says:


belavistario says:

In the beginning yes, not any more. Today we see “passistas” the official name given to samba dancers of all colors and ethnic backgrounds, just like Brazil…there are native Brazilians, Japanese descendants, European white Caucasians, you name it.. But the majority is still mixed I would say…

thalouboi says:

Wow all of these women are freaking beautiful. I have a question though, most of them are black or mixed. Is this a dance that is done by only those of African descent?

vvfgdgjj says:

بايخات اقوى درجه

deja vu says:

no you cannot have a body like this unless you inherit it but what you do with this inheritance is invest it in good food good loving good sleep good dancing good for you.

now this brasilian plump curvy amazon type woman is out of this world of sleazy sex thin fashion in north america. this is hotter than belly dance, or even tiki dance afro latin fusion is so primal. i can only say
raissa de olivier es la melhor de todas y esta bem buena!
ya tengo apprender el portuguese y me voooooooy!

Henly Guridy says:

Raissa de oliveira es la melhor de todas y esta bem buena!!! Raissa de olivera is the best o my lovely God she is something else!!!!!!!!!

blackpirates7 says:

From Japan,
I love samba!!
good movie!

Please watch the my video.

gadspy1217 says:


coolierasta says:

Please tell me #10 won

GURU GEM says:

number 10 at 3:30 is the best, she moves with fluidity

GURU GEM says:

love the culture

Monica Wang says:


Kmegatores says:

Who think that for being SEXY you dont need to be skinned and anorexic like a top model?

jose lopez says:

Thanx you.

Lorena Lima says:


jose lopez says:

WOW that’s sensational…I wonder how these ladies train to dance so fabulous? is it a mixture of different sambas, or all Brazil dance samba equally?

cornellcunningham66 says:

That’s what I’m talking about body you dream about

salopris sal says:

number 6 is the best one

soulCracka1 says:

hell yeah!

amayachan223 says:

The crazy part is that I have the body shape but not as much meat(Hardly any meat actually) on my bones like them. I want my body to look like that! :/

agalambao says:

Esas nalgotas,..

mrizo1991 says:

omfg! I love BRASIL! Sexy ass girls and the music is so sensual.

kevin w says:

Where did you get those stats from?

Layla K says:

Are girls really complaining that they feel ugly and fat after watching this? Get off your ass and start working out if you wanna look like them. It’s a pretty simple solution.

NeXus724utube says:

sorry but brazilina chicks are known as hottest girls in the world<3.

Tanisha Banks says:

#10 is all real….no surgery there. Dammit, I’m jealous!

bream34 says:


FrancescaPrieto says:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but: 1) Brazil is the second country that most does plastic surgery 2) is the country that most consume diet pills 3) Google ” trânsito em São Paulo”. There are LOTS of cars, the traffic here is insane.

FrancescaPrieto says:

They get those bodies at the gym.

luv2bellydance4life says:

This is why Im trying to learn how to Samba. I want a body like that.

scarlettears2694 says:

:(, this make feel so ugly….but they`re doing excerise all the time so i guess they deserve that sickening body

Oh Yeah says:

Damn, let a brotha just sniff dat azz!

m535m00 says:


belavistario says:

no problem! Thanks, please let us know if you have add questions, Cheers!

pinkaddiction13 says:

ahhhh okay!

Bear Abaddon Azazel says:

Oh my… Marvelous..!!!

Oh Yeah says:

This is why I’m convinced gay men are born gay. No man chooses another man with this available

belavistario says:

I kind of agree with you, but you have to remember that most girls at least in samba & carnival cant afford sometimes to to pay their bus tickets to the samba-rehearsals…many are my friends, and they have a very very low income. When you talk about queens & divas, you are right since, they are in another social and economic level. Please see thus videos, w girls which are in samba-school semi-professional show groups:

cheers from Rio!

pinkaddiction13 says:

this isn’t exactly true. brazil has the population with the highest plastic surgery! so a lot DO indulge in looking like plastic objects but the culture and everything else about brazil is beautiful!

belavistario says:

Tina, thank you very much. I am the author of these videos and this is the largest You Tube channel in the world with over 430 videos and 16 Million views…you are more than welcome to see our videos, 90% of them are exclusive. Samba dance has at least 80 years, as we see today, and indeed sensual and exotic. Having said that, we give opportunities to everyone, from starters to professionals, since the objective here is popularize it even more. Be welcome in Brazil Carnival Ooah. saludos!

tina3038 says:

sorry ( Brazil) !

tina3038 says:

I Love this dance so senual and exotic i’m Mexican and our dance moves are good but these are great Brasil has so much passion i would love to learn this please post more vids Thank you “)

Iram Mirza says:

Girl Power

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