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Sam Wang Dance Latin


HellwandeReaper says:

Sam Wang hotness woot woot!

jackesha24 says:

aaaaaaaaaaaa sam wang love youuuuuuuuu

shortycin says:

yo quiero bailar salsa con Sam!!!

Rubcia007 says:

I like it 🙂

littlefatmouse says:

dude, sam’s profession isn’t dance..he’s already tried so hard..wat more do u want? and he just said, everyday he has to do six different jobs. acting, singing, dancing, hosting, being a guest, and whatever “jian gong” is..thats alot of work! can u do that much and be able to stick to it for three years? if you cant, then shut up!

qiaoming20 says:

sam wang you’re so cute. OMG

xxWINTERZxx says:


poksmai says:

sam wang!! ur so adorable when u do latin dance!! so hot!!!! hehehe…. ur so so so so cute!!!!!! i juz love you waheehehekekekke

moderndesignworks says:

good looking couple, but the dance sucks big time…….haha

StarryNitexD says:

yeayea! when ur at the pose whr ur low and ur feets apart ur legs go weak and u will want to fall >.>

Erqi says:

yaaa!…but i see cute more than hot..hhehee

Veaine Vanna says:

omg he’s soooo hot dancin latin. but plzzzzzz try to have subs

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