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Another sexy salsa dancing move by for you to use at the salsa dance club. Like “salsa dancing with the stars”. How to Latin salsa dance free salsa dance videos at addicted 2 salsa “So You Think You Can Dance Salsa”


n3m3s1s2k says:

The 4 is the neutral position I think. Or at least that’s what I got from the first video

Steve Cavanaugh says:

The “3” and the “7” are Long counts. You could also count this as “1/2/3 4” and 5/6/7 8″ or “Quick, Quick, Long”, “Quick, Quick, Long”. You just hold on the “4” and “8”.

UltimateSubzero83 says:

the “4” is a rest, rest on “4,” and “8,” as it is an 8 count step routine.

Perkunaz says:

every 4 is a break

CARLOS L.D.S.C says:

te hago una pregunta y no lo tomes como crítica sino que busco entender… por que a partir del segundo 0:21 te sales de la cuenta de los pies (si te das cuenta el pie izquierdo ya no corresponde al tiempo 1 y así sucesivamente) y vuelves y tomas la cuenta en el segundo 0:38…. en la musica hay algo que se llama desplazamiento y es prácticamente salirse del tiempo adelantando o atrasando la ejecución del instrumento, pero luego volver a caer en tiempo… lo mismo aplica en el baile?

Pedro Rosado says:

there’s no 4 nor 8 ..

Andika Jordan says:

4 is a break, when you do not step – this is the reason, why he does not count it.

selma mansouri says:

he is saying 1/2/3 and 5/6/7
is there any 4 in this danse ?

cristian santos says:

chida la rola de fondo eeee del sonero mayor ismael rivera

lizethuceda says:

No se equivoken en el pasp basico primeroo aprendan bien au basico y en ves de rasladsarla mejor seria un 180. Es mi opinion pronto are mi titular

cyborgKris says:

Dat asssssssss

salvatere says:

gracias por el video esta super, lo estoy aprendiendo con mi esposa, gracias nuevamente por conpartir.

salvatere says:

thank you so much for the video, i like it a lot

Dewisolihat says:

I can do it in one hour…

baby anna says:

I kind of like her ass though!thats the only thing I m lookin!

stevewilliams369 says:

I love when a tutorial starts out with a ‘live’ example of the pattern. It’s much better than beginning to explain a pattern before anyone can even determine whether they like it enough to want to invest the time in it. Thank you! Great job!! 🙂

宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します says:


宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します says:


HienBeeQ says:

0:20: song: El Negro Bembon by Ismael Rivera… ^^

guape7 says:

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Jean Benet says:

What is the music that you are dancing to?

Bargoff Brattish says:

This is still beginning dude.

demilove6675 says:

I want to salsa dance!



feim shabani says:




Katniss Hummel says:

Are you Melanie, related to Naya Rivera?

yoyoyouuuieyreikodan says:

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jcrod729 says:

what kind of bs is this ella no baila nada y el no sabe nada tampoco si tu quiera aprender a bailar salsa mira un video de cubano bailando entonces me diras cual es mejor

ThelmaR10 says:

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canadaflame says:

shake..shake..shake…Let’s do it..!
Shake your body till get felt sexy…lol

AngelaAstaire says:

I’m puerto rican and can’t dance a lick of salsa. I bring shame to mi familia

cindy aristiana says:

I’ve been dancing salsa for a year anddd this is amazing!

Dubtrump says:

Ugggg it’s hard!!!

73Mae258 says:


vascburreivilli says:

bow.. bow.. bow..

Selena Martinez says:

I suck at dancing!

MIGHTY ark says:

Never say never.. you can do it!

AlwaysAndForeverPFC says:

damn i will never learn to dance…thanks anyway

sun mool says:

Hey, have you heard of “FlamaDance” (search on Google for it)? There you will find a nice free video showing the right way to dance Salsa, Cha Cha, FoxTrot, Tango, Waltz, Jive, Rhumba and Samba. This is the way Kristy discovered how to dance like a star super fast and thus get slimmer. Hopefully it works for you too.

janette valenzuela says:

the girl is off beat a lot, he allows her to switch his timing. She cannot follow timing.

jubyvera662 says:

addicted 2 salsa .

cashlove1 says:

ur fucking awesome man, love ur lessons!!!

alexbencal says:

Great dancing! Thanks Anthony, you are a good teacher. For those who disagree with me, please show us your talent, let us see what you have! My email is [email protected]

rumba2012 says:

Q porqueria

DanielRockerable says:

more steps please!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Виктор Петренко says:

Попа норм брючки хорошо обтягивают,еще бы на шпагат села бы!

jubyvera662 says:


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