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Ok, while I get the most comments on Dina videos, I get the most PM’s on Sadie (PS I am not Sadie nor any of these other beautiful dancers, I wish). Here is all the info I have gathered on her for those who want to buy her products, send her compliments, to have her children, or whatever: website: contact: products: for performance videos, visit and search for Sadie. For instructional videos visit


TheWildScarletRose says:

Yeah, she’s quite good, but no one is as good as Aida!

StrawberryDolly says:


Sam Harris says:

she is great 🙂

TheWildScarletRose says:

I hope so…Maria Sokolova?I haven’t ever heard of her before, I ‘ll sure check her out!


u r so cute and sexy

Sam Harris says:

perhaps you will get to see her oh and I totally forgot to mention is another favorite russian dancer is Maria Sokolova 😀 she is a good friend of my teacher however she was taught by belly dancer sandra so she still does her little kicks but she is certainly different I think since she was taught here and not russia but still a beautiful and talented dancer 😀

MsPredatorrr says:

The best i saw!!!!

Sam Harris says:

@TheWildScarletRose maybe she will and you will get the chance 🙂

TheWildScarletRose says:

I believe that too, her videos don’t show much of her real abilities…She came to my country the previous summer for two dance performances, but I didn’t go to see her, unfortunately…

Shifang says:

Wow. That is some amazing muscle control.

Sam Harris says:

lol meant to say haven’t had the chance to meet her yet.

Sam Harris says:

I’ve been told by my past belly dance teacher that her videos don’t do her justice, seeing her in person is so different. The videos don’t capture her essence. I have had the chance to meet her yet I am hoping I will either later this year or sometime next year. I am told that she is really sweet and very down to earth. Maybe she has done isis wings, it’s just hard to say honestly she is building her videos but recently she has been doing fusion belly dance classes with Ansuya recently.

TheWildScarletRose says:

Well, I think she should put a little bit more expression in her performances.And I haven’t ever seen her dancing with props such as canes, or Isis wings.She still remains one of my favorites, though, her style is impressive and awesome.It doesn’t matter where you’re from, but how much you love this art and your passion, indeed.

maria leo says:

Real and natural belly dancer, the best ever, I am in shock…Sadie is perfect! I want to dance…I always have danced belly dance, but never seen someone like Sadie!

Sam Harris says:

honestly I don’t think she is over rated at all, to me she is very differently which makes her stand out. Her style is quirky and fun. She is mainly doing american cabaret however she learned egyptian I believe. Every dancer makes it her own style. Her isolation are awesome honestly. You can be american and still have a very egyptian style, Luna of Cairo is american and also Leila Farid who is very famous in egypt is and she is american but studied with a very famous egyptian teacher.

TheWildScarletRose says:

with egyptian cabaret elements, if I am not mistaken.Aida is my favorite too, although I also admire very much Alla Kushnir.The thing with her is that she sometimes dances in a big hurry popping her chest waaayyy to much, but I can’t deny that she is a dancer that combines perfectly technique with expression, in most of her shows.Her “Taht El Shibbak” performance at the Eilat Festival in 2011 was the best I have ever seen, according to my opinion, she was just stunning…

TheWildScarletRose says:

I agree with you…saying that Sadie is overrated, as far as only technique is concerned (because I think that as a belly dancer in general she must be more expressive), is something that is just not true.She is praised by people from all over the world and any belly dancer knows how hard many of her moves are to be done.And she can’t also be compared to dancers as Elissar etc, because they dance a different style of belly dance.They dance mainly lebanese, while Sadie american

TheWildScarletRose says:

I haven’t noticed that…Yes, some of them do that many times.And many dancers like Alla Kushnir have the habit to pop their chest too much and dance in a very rushed way, which is not so aesthetically beautiful.Nobody is perfect.However, their technique still impresses me more than this of any American or Middle Eastern dancer, and they don’t seem to miss a single beat with their moves, especially their fast shimmies…

Sam Harris says:

The other thing about Russian dancers is that their backs are so stiff you would think they have stick up their you know what as I say. That can actually severely injure you’re back.

Sam Harris says:

Her personality makes up for a lot of her dance. Her flutters are extremely hard to do and you have to be physically built to be able to do it. I don’t think she is over rated she is just fun and she engages her audience and that is what makes her successful. While I like russian dancers the only one that is my favorite is Aida Bogomolova because she dances most like an Egyptian the other dancers put ballet in it which to me ruins the dance.

Sillas Selvagem says:


umblic says:

Sadie top dancer…. i adore the way u belly dance.. BRAVA!

SadieBellyDance says:

Check out my new channel with new clips!!! Truly and genuinely….Sadie 🙂

rebel750v4 says:

Superbe ***** ,professionnelle de haut niveau …

xanglat says:

What work and talent! Just amazing !
Remarkable ! With admiration!


9971zebra says:

luv her moves.

Azzlack Stereotyp says:


Check out and Like Niloofar’s  Drumsolo

Silvina Gorocito says:

ES una genia bailando



TheWildScarletRose says:

I said it wasn’t the main responsible for her success.Not that it didn’t help her increase her popularity.I personally had no idea about the show, I just watched clips of her on youtube and I got impressed, while I didn’t know at all who was she and how famous she is.Yes, she is overrated, but not so much as many people think.She isn’t as good as Russian and Ukrainian belly dancers, and she can’t even be compared to the dancers of the Golden Era.

alpali388 says:

No part of your conversation with the other dude, but you seems childish to think America got talent has no role in making sadie famous!! She won’t be where she is at now if it wasn’t for that show. I agree with the people who say she is overrated. I have seen way better dancers than her.

ron rommo says:

cont.. standing on one feet, the split (watch elissar leylet hob, I chanllenge your sadie to perform a move like that one!) etc, etc.Thats what I call belly dancing..its the whole package, soemthing sadie never done and I doubt she ever will. Sorry, but this is the truth. Learn more about belly dancing and watch more clips it might help u

ron rommo says:

In my last response to u there were two replies, I don’t see the second one. Anyway i wrote that no matter what u say , sadie is overrated There is more to belly dancing than just standing at one spot and shake a little bit!( I have seen all her clips pretty much the same and same hand moves) . Most people agree that Middle Eastern and Estern Europeans are the best dancers. Their movements all over the stage, hip drops, facial and body expressions, leaning all the way back at one while..cont

SoLuVaBle299 says:

Okay so this is like the Belly Dancing form of Break Dancing. Geesh all the muscles in a woman’s body manipulated and honed to create ART.

TheWildScarletRose says:

able to accept their different opinion on a matter is nothing but a waste of time.

TheWildScarletRose says:

as overrated as you think she is, from the beginning, and that AGT wasn’t the main responsible for her success.I have watched clips of the dancers you mentioned and I didn’t like them so much.Preferring another dancing style than theirs’ doesn’t make me stupid.I won’t even comment on what you said about the hatred and the minority subject…Besides, arguing with people who don’t pay much attention to what the other say,refusing to see their point of view and not being

TheWildScarletRose says:

It seems like the one who hasn’t seen many clips of Sadie is you, but anyway.And I have to repeat again that I never said she is perfect or the best, the best for me are Alla Kushnir and Aida!I could also say that your taste sucks, but I don’t do that because you cannot actually discuss anything about tastes, each person is different (de gustibus non disputandum est!), ecxepr for cases when the dancer is really outragious (Nuran Sultan for example!)..What I wanted to say is that Sadie is not

ron rommo says:

It seems you haven’t watched enough. Or maybe your opinion is based on bigotry that you hate middle eastern people. Ok thats your opinion, but its definitely not shared by the majority of people. You are in the minority. Sadie is rigid, doesn’t move a lot, pretty much stay at the same spot. I still think your taste in belly dancing suck!! Middle Eastern and Estern Europeans dancers are the best, an opinion shared by the majority of people, they rip that dance floor apart when they dance..conti

TheWildScarletRose says:

As I said before, that’s YOUR OPINION ONLY.And trust me, I have been watching a lot of belly dancing clips on youtube the last years, either Middle-Easterns’ or American-Europeans’ and I have formed my opinion based to those.The fact that a woman is from a Middle Eastern country doesn’t automatically make her a good dancer.I didn’t say she is a good belly dancer because she has millions of views, for God’s sake!I said that I like the way she dances, it appeals to me more than this of the

ron rommo says:

She is NOT better than nowadays middle eastern dancers. An average egyptian girl in cairo can dance 100 times better than your sadie let alone the professional middle eastern dancer!. You need to watch more belly dancing clips on youtube and learn more about it. Be original and form your opinion based on facts, don’t be a follower. Just because she has millions of views that doesn’t make her good. If the number of view makes you the best then justin bieber is the best singer in the universe!!

TheWildScarletRose says:

dancing style to Amar Camel’s, without saying that she is not a good dancer too!The point is that I think Sadie is indeed very good, because I can tell that she is making difficult dancing moves etc.I agree with what you said about the American culture, but not everybody discovered Sadie this way.I personally didn’t.And I don’t believe it is a coincidence that many American dancers are considered good by people from other places of the world.

TheWildScarletRose says:

Well, first you must learn to read correctly other people’s comments before you reply to them, with all respect.This is my personal opinion and according to that, I can also say that you are not in your right mind.Each belly dancer has her own style, and not everybody likes it!When are people finally going to understand this?And I said she is better than many NOWADAYS’ middle eastern dancers…Samia Gamal and Golden Era dancers are not nowadays’ dancers!And yes, I personally like Sadie’s

ron rommo says:

You are not in your right mind if you think she is better than Middle Eastern dancers! Really?! Better than Elissar, amar kamel, aida mohamed,Amani, samia gamal, etc, etc?!lYes,she is overrated because many Americans don’t know better and anyone who appears on popular tv show becomes an instant celeb,this is a part of the American culture.Like I said earlier, she is not bad but way overrated by Americans who don’t know squat about belly dancing(rigid, same hand moves) not even close to top 20

mohammed salem says:

bad dancing

TheWildScarletRose says:

*she is not perfect

TheWildScarletRose says:

the music she dances to almost perfectly and I don’t think I am the only one who can see that.I personally believe she is better than many nowadays’ Middle Eastern dancers I have seen, although is not perfect.I understand that every belly dancer has their own personal style of dancing and that it may appeal to some people while some others don’t like it, but saying that an obviously very good dancer owes her popularity to other things than her dancing skills sounds kind of extravagant to me…

TheWildScarletRose says:

I wonder why some people believe that she is overrated as a dancer by American chauvinists, or that a TV show made her famous.Ok, everyone has their preferences, I myself don’t think that Sadie is the best (the best dancer to me is Alla Kushnir), but it sounds exaggerating to say things like the previous phrases.I would prefer it if she was a little more expressive, but I can’t deny that she is technically perfect, she makes very difficult moves, isolations and combinations, her body describes

alexandra stefanou says:

shakira is far to be good in belly dancing. i dont dance professional and the moves that shakira does are piece of cake for me and not only…. Sadie is very good, nice moves and original…

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