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Sadie Belly Dance 2008


JsilvVEVO says:


Nurayundso says:

Wow …:D Krasss einfach nur Geill..

xanglat says:

With admiration ! Sorry for my mistake !

xanglat says:

Maîtrise parfaite de son corps ! Sensuelle, délicate, fine, très élégante et si libre… : tout semble si facile… ! Absolument magnifique ! Idyllique mariage entre ELLE et la musique évoluant à l’unisson…
Just amazing ¨!
With admdiration

Abigail Ortega says:


ritusingla592 says:

Amazing dude

spaciousgalaxy says:

Didem can’t dance the way this woman can.

adil ali says:

nice dance

FreedomWriter3 says:

She was gettin it! I started to learn belly dance as a kid but I stopped. I regret that. Oh well. I can always pick up where I left off. 🙂

africangoddess707 says:

what song is this?

Moonlight130508 says:

Congratulations!You are very Nice.

xXxkawaiisugarxXx says:

هههههههههههههه ما اذكر بس اذكر انه شي ماله اي علاقه بالرقص
يوتيوب صاير مخرف تبحث عن شي يطلع لك شي ثاني

Diamond Ore says:

انت وش جابك هنا

xXxkawaiisugarxXx says:

ليتني اعرف ارقص
الرقص يخلي الجسم وااااااااااااو
لو انها كبر بعير يضل واااااااااااااااااااااو

Arushka Makarushka says:

WOW !!! Just WOW!!!!

Valerie Price says:

Wow shakira can do some of that but shes amazing

Geneviève Fayard says:

ooh she’s amazing *..*

maribel2 says:

i know, my jaw drops to the floor every time i watch <3

lsc steward says:

I love this womans belly dancing style it is so precise and she is so in touch with her body and the music its like they are one 🙂

OhTierra says:

Sadie is from Colorado.

Evan Fish says:

All u twerkin girls come try to do this!

piercing13 says:

you are the best !!!

Geovanne Pagano says:

Com uma preeliminar assim…..dá pra ficar só na preeliminar.

Wra8h says:


lserxxx says:

She way better than shakira

12RulAll says:

I was watching her move and I think I pulled a stomach muscle!

susyhabib says:

capoeira or zamba end??? ;P

Anastasia Beaudry says:

Sadie is absolutely phenomenal!

klnbrkr says:

Luuuuuuv it!!! <3

OceanTropic says:


delvalle quintero says:


jevitigre says:

Sadie in my opinion is not even the best American dancer.

tijuana boynton says:

very nice

Miica Lopez says:


static9971 says:

Much better dancer than Didem. She’s so elegant and doesn’t seem slutty at all.

Jaquelyn67 says:

Every one is entitled to their opinions, my favorite bellydancer is Didem. but Sadie is a good bellydancer as well. I think its awful when people put down other people, makes them look bad not the people they are putting down.

TheKittenAlchemist says:

Whats weird is that my names also Sadie. XD But I wouldn’t be compared to Sadie the belly dancer!

ksenixtakias says:

the best belly dancer is didem because she has ccleaner movements than sadie

kno barros says:

wow shes amazin

Paula Sophie says:

Its like her body make music , she is so talented !

heartlessxocean says:

I have watched videos from both Sadie and Didem. They are both beautiful, talented women who seem to love what they do… dancing. Didem seems to be more overtly flirtatious, for sure, but she isn’t “a slut” just because she dances in a more sexualized manner. Sexuality isn’t a bad thing, and I think both women showcase their sensuality very well. It’s different, but it’s all wonderful, and they should both be proud of themselves. 🙂

Yumypop says:

Didem isn’t a slut, she is also very talented but she has no curves at all so her movements just don’t look as nice and beautiful as Sadie’s.

angelolucky5760 says:

Imagine being married to Sadie and having the sexiest dancer in the world perform for you all the time Wow.

Halil İbrahim Cobuloğlu says:

she is way better than didem

zucchini2007 says:

Sadie made some instructional videos, you should check them out.

zucchini2007 says:

She’s so beautiful! And the way she dances is so sexy. I want to go out with her, if she’s single.

LeylaLeylaN Leyla says:

check this out Sadie’s Bellydance new performance 2011 by ABRAR BHATTI

LeylaLeylaN Leyla says:

her repertoire has become much broader now.
i think she just prefers to hone her skills.

LeylaLeylaN Leyla says:

shakira is just a beginner – sadie is a professional. she is great.

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