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Introducing, The NEW RIO solution for 2012 THEHOTTEST NEW INTENSE dance fitness “RIO” “REAL,INTENSE,OUTCOME” Get ready to change your routine as you dance like never before to this INTENSE Brazilian & Latin Fusion. Reshape your body, as you learn how to move to today’s HOTTEST dance mix! Samba, Brazilian Funk, AXE, Lambada, Capoeira Samba, Batucada, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Latin Hip-Hop, Mambo and much more. also check us out on fb [email protected]


riolatinimpact says:

And we love you my RO peeps for the RIOSupport you ROCK, the RIO Way, muah 😉 check us out on FB rio.realintenseoutcome or riolatinimpact Liz

patty6877 says:

I really love ur work out Liz i been wirking out with ur videos 4 like a month & this is great . 🙂

makingeverdaycount12 says:

Love the music, the dance, &the sweat! Lol

mogo1979 says:

Amazing workout 🙂

spongeygeek says:

What’s the name of this song?

riolatinimpact says:

It’s sure will be. Standby, RIO DVD out RIO soon! 😉

riolatinimpact says:

Thank you, keep it RIO my friend, muah 😉

SPINADICT100 says:

Amazing workout !! What is the name of the song ?

riolatinimpact says:

Getititit DEE you are the RIOTHANG!! It’s been proven 😉 Keep it RIOOOOOO

Dee RIO Thang says:

Love it! Nothing better then RIO4LYF

riolatinimpact says:

YES< for sure it will. THAT's why we are practicing this routines 😉 Standby my friend for the RIO DVD coming out RIO SOON! 😉 muah

MzCynless says:

Sexy and intense!! Hope this is on one of the DvD’s!

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