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Close Samba Dance & Belly Dance are different dances, but similar in many ways. Both are sensual, great use of abdominal region and are extremely enticing. Samba is a little “faster”, but enchanting too. Check it out! 2013 brazilian samba dance, hot samba samba, 2013…


RAY777894 says:

A marvelous way on getting a cute hold on things. Yes,I find the public as accurate and clever, surely it’s a great way when folks know what they want in life and how to dispatch things to its proper rational best: work for the sustainance of living while glamourous merrymaking outings for pleasure and nice relaxation. I like this sorting out. All the best to your people and success in your onward activity, BrasilCarnivalCOMBR

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Samba will spread all over the world. Trust me 🙂

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I guess the celebration of the Brazilian Carnival helps the country and the sociology of its people to have its own “tempo”. People here as studied by several anthropologists, “work to live”, and not “Live and die for work”…Even Domenico de Masi, the Italian Philosopher has analyzed this phenomena. That´s why on average, people here are more relaxed…I think so…

mark ram says:

almost as good as the trinidad carnivals 😀

soulflyguy1 says:

Thanks mate ! Do check it out 🙂

beratio says:

lol true but it still kills with jiggle 😛

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

of course, its a choreography… are they supposed to do “different” dance if they are in the same carnival wing???? rssss

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I will check it out and then post it here, ok? best regards,

RAY777894 says:

This celebration merrymaking is taken as beautiful and opulent-way expressed dance, in its peculiarly exuberant movearounds and the general shape out . A piece of pleasure gotten while watching! Thank you BrazilCarnivalCOMBR for laying this out. A beneficial onward activity to you hence!

blackpirates7 says:

very nice!!!

0CallMeWhatever0 says:

I was supposed to go this year! I am devastated I missed it 🙁

R Smith says:

Gosh my life is so grey, watching this is making me feel worse not better :0

soulflyguy1 says:

Whats the girl name at 3:35, I love her smile.

TimeTwistah says:

Hey, if u want some more awesome images of Carnival, check out my channel for my Trinidad Carnival coverage!

DanMinecraftChannel says:

true, if british girls had done this no1 would watch

beratio says:

they all do the same dance.. i dont care because this kills with jiggle

godjevac says:


g95n says:

I’m definitly going there next year. Brazil is Like mekka for football lovers haha u got to visit there atleast one time in your life!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Well said my friend,….but this is certainly something we cant compare…This is considered by all standards, institutions, the “biggest carnival party on Earth”. 6 Million tourists just in Rio, 1400 samba schools all over the country…a US$ 1 Billion industry…and the original happines

philipanakwue says:

Soo much better then the British ‘carnivals’

meninadosteusolhos07 says:


gilsegre says:

kdmeucopo com br

BeingKhamalia says:

(✿◠‿◠) Thank you!

lamm1 says:

Olá! sou da Venezuela, Ana Cristina é muito hermosa 😉 gostaria de conhece-la kkk. Eu gosto muito das Brasileiras.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Waiting for you next yea here in Rio ! Cheers!


nice Girls! From Hellas!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers from Rio!

PenDev0us says:


jrollins14 says:

Going to learn the language and move down there right away:)

BeingKhamalia says:


sridhar natuva says:

nice dance…
from india

widy Dorcely says:

sa se kanaval

Dan M says:

My dream is to fazer amor with a brasileira.

alberto vri says:

Brazilian women have amazing bodies and beautiful faces, but what really makes them sexy as hell are the natural smiles on their faces showing a genuine happiness when dancing, that natural smile you will never see in an american tv show of dance, their are more focus on the steps and not in enjoy the music and dance. So if you want to see sexy when dance: ENJOY AND SMILE !!!

belavistario says:

Great we have all kinds!

michael hoory says:

kinshasa symphony is far better

dakrynrichards says:

Thank You

jacie7597 says:

4:13 one eyebrow is bigger than the other lol :)

Isobel Enness says:

i came here for my homework!:p

BeingKhamalia says:

I’m American. I love Brazilian culture. That’s why I came to visit.

belavistario says:

Mas nesse caso eh facil , pois foi a musica do Ensaio Tecnico: Samba Enredo São Clemente 2011

belavistario says:

Yes, the name of this specif samba-song was the samba theme for São Clemente 2011. You can type in for free ” Samba Enredo São Clemente 2011″ and you will be able to find in numerous sites for free to download.

RocAmic1000 says:

no brasil as escolas de samba criam uma musica de acordo com o tema 😀 portanto é meio difícil encontrar o nome

IcarusTuga7 says:

Ate fico doido a ver isto xD 😛

belavistario says:

from Feb 08 to 12th. cheers

ChromeMagazine says:

when is the 2013?

dakrynrichards says:

Does anyone know the name of this song?

rahsaun77 says:

That’s what I’m talking about, the beautiful Brazilian women that haven’t ruined their bodies with implants and other surgery. keep it natural, i’m in love.

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