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Introducing, The NEW RIO solution for 2012 THEHOTTEST NEW INTENSE dance fitness “RIO” “REAL,INTENSE,OUTCOME” Get ready to change your routine as you dance like never before to this INTENSE Brazilian & Latin Fusion. Reshape your body, as you learn how to move to today’s HOTTEST dance mix! Samba, Brazilian Funk, AXE, Lambada, Capoeira Samba, Batucada, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, Latin Hip-Hop, Mambo and much more. check us out on FB [email protected]


riolatinimpact says:

Gracias, estamos in Miami Florida ;-)

IleanaFloresGutierre says:

m encantoooo k parte del mundo estaaa :)

zeynep sk says:

;D obrigada for the commentaro!:) my friend;D

riolatinimpact says:

Thank you, muah !!!! keep it RIO my friend 😉

zeynep sk says:

sim Bem<3!!:D i Love your Page and yourWork!:)

riolatinimpact says:

Yes, that’s the RIOResults right there we call her the DEERIOTHANG she’s total transformed on us by keeping it RIO 😉 check us out on fb [email protected] 😉 keep it RIO MY FRIEND it does a body great RIO GREAT! 😉

Candylov392 says:

Wow the girl with the curly hair lost a lot of weight. You can really see the difference in her body. Good for her

Dee RIO Thang says:

Omg! I will never stop loving this routine! I will be “CREU’n” when I’m 69 yrs old

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