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Watch my channel! 🙂 And if you want it,subscribe,rate/psszt 5* ;D/comment or invite me as friend!^^ All of theese are so sweet thing!^^ I were tired :S ;D 😛 My face….lol It isn’t the best, more videos are coming soon! ^^ Anyway…dedicated to the most important person of my life…^^


supaluckTuy says:

sexy …

mud456 says:

love you

votshadow says:

wow such a great dancer

Gemz123456 says:

How I would love to let her sit on my face and move that … I would die to lick that pumpum and suck all that juice out

veijo56 says:

BRAVO FRIEND!vau-5 stars.t.veijo.finland

azdoferus says:

para no ser latina bailas muy bien, creo que eres de Polonia o algo asi… suerte.. and you are beautyfull xD

flacagirlz says:

creo que eres de belly dance como baila nesecita aprende a baila mas mejor reggaeton, bachata lo hace mas o menos en buena onda.

fabolousprynce says:

lol dinutria… parece un cadaber

AMexicanActor says:

very nice :)

HaLfDeAdNmbrz says:


rbkso says:

jajajaaj ke fea


ay que buena,
que sexy 😉

frichikendz says:

You do your twirls really well

drunkenstyleboxing says:

sexy dance

OTT666O says:


Ricardo Rodriguez says:

mami que bella eres yo me quiero casar contigo 🙂

bil22gow59 says:

very beautiful,great legs,very sexy.

brasileiro208 says:

linda maisss maisssssssssss

chibustin says:

I swear (even though it’s bad to swear) model!!! go modeling!!!

entuerkteynmnet says:

hot lips hot eyes hot body hot moves !!!
5 *****

ousiakla says:

i’d die for your lips…

jaydin8889 says:

wut is up with your skirt did you make it out of a curtan

fan1012 says:

What’s the matter with yours vids ? Your body is too hot. So i watch him and i can’t see your’e also a very good dancer.
Am i stupid ? No : i’m just a boy ! Lool !

skillsflasher says:

you mean thats dancing whahahaah nurrddd

iDelict says:

Interesant. Pacat ca îs cei de la Pachanga. Apropo esti dulce tare îmi plac ochisorii tai si despre cum te misti nu am comentarii. Great sweet baby.

Lobeddah says:

oh my goodness. did you delete all the bad comments? ha

maestro69 says:

wow ur eyes are tight Ur jus about beautiful : )

mhzlatina says:

your pretty. But dont dance.. at least dont call that a latin dance? OR reggaeton..

goddessmodels2008 says:

You have such a beautiful face!!!!

purttyme says:

okai..this is much better!!
still need some work.
But awe u look so dam pretty!

Liababa1991 says:

Yes, I think so, too, you are right!!!! : )
And thank you very much for this comment, so flattering and good feeling!!!!

Liababa1991 says:

; )
Thank you very very much!!!! Thank you for your comments and compliments!!!
Thank you <3

Steve Stevens says:

you are so beautiful,  loved that miniskirt, I wish u had flashed that thong a little bit more. 😉

Liababa1991 says:

Me too 😛
Thanks for your comment <3

Liababa1991 says:

Thank you sweetie ^-^

saminaxx says:

great body and moves honey

Liababa1991 says:

Ohh, yeah, thats my love ^ ^
So flattering
Thank you!!!! <3

Edward Nunez says:

u r welcome i saw ur video on realtalkreggaeton ….. uff sexy

Liababa1991 says:

Reggaeton Para Siempre <3
Thank you very much!!!

Liababa1991 says:

If you think so, Im really happy ^ ^

Edward Nunez says:

=] i like ur personal touch to reggaeton l0l
am a reggaeton lover so i love to watch you dancing it!!

you look really cutee!!

narisnaris says:


backup17 says:

whoa, shawty u got the best moves on the net, i mean u know how to rock the house, damn ur sexy, keep on doing shawty with them mad skillz, big ups 2 u shawty and much luv

Liababa1991 says:

Ahh, thank you very much!!!!! :$ ^^ ^^
Really sweet comment and compliments, and it makes me happy ^^

postamazer says:

wow. ur pretty n amazing too. i bet u taste just like cotton candy. absolutely love ur hairdo and the body it’s attached to ;-). keep smiling and let that spirt in ya spin spin spin.

Liababa1991 says:

😀 Thank you!!!! ^^

aussiejosh81 says:

very sexy! love that ass!

Liababa1991 says:

Thank you <3

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