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Danca Do CREU ( bootie) Battle dance


vicki d says:

can you please send me this song! [email protected]

the01santo says:

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asbook2 says:

that was fun to watch!..

CancunsBombshell says:

That looks like sooooo much fun!!! I wanna do it but I’m scared some people will just stop and shake their head at the dirty parts lol. Maybe I’ll do it anyway! lol

MSASnowflake says:

So much fun! love this song,,, great for shaking everything

sashia324 says:

adding to my class tomorrow! 🙂

peacheswitcreme says:

Thanks for sharing! I would love to use this one for my class. Zumba love! 🙂

deltagyrl95 says:

I dont know why I always feel embarrassed doing this in class, I have yet to find my inner sexy-ness! haha! On a side note, the girl on the left side with the pink/purple tank looks awesome, saw her a couple of wks ago at your Sat class! Miss your classes, 9a comes to early on a Saturday but Im going to try to make it!

shanikolivama says:

jajajaaj aunk este tipo de coreografias no sea caordina la vdd eso no importa tbm es bueno ke se diviertan las laumnas!!! super hee felicidades

Angela Weinle says:

this made me laugh! you all had so much fun being silly! and the lady in the purple tank top took you all down lol!! way to go!

MusicIsMyBoyfrienddd says:

Mc créu – Dança do Créu

bcchao says:

This was so fun! I would love to use it in my class. What is the name of this song, please?

Ruben Rodriguez says:

as the canyon is called or who plays
have something to listen and not heard from her and for your choreography felicidadez

zumbadude101 says:

love how you got the class fully involved. everyone looked like they where having a ball.

dynmite09 says:

Awesome great class… where could i find this sond i know it s MC. Claue or something like that… i can find it on i-tunes..

Thnks for sharing..

MsAmy1976 says:

LOL!! This video kills me!! Everyone looks so into the music and the “Booty shacking”!!!! I like it … very  hot!!!!!!!

patbeltran says:

Gracias! my class loves it! we just have so much fun!

ssiri69 says:

5 estrellas

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