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YOU ASKED, WE DID IT! Many users visit the Official Website and look for the ‘Créu Song’. However, WWW.CREU.COM.BR and its characters have nothing to do with the song and its author. But of course we wouldn’t let go out fans’ requests! With lots of animation, we used our creativity to bring you this never-before-seen surprise, a result of such funny coincidence! BE ORIGINAL. WWW.CREU.COM.BR (‘Créu Dance’, soundtrack of this video, belongs to singer Sérgio Costa, the ‘MC Créu’)


Lonnie Jones says:

what is that clicking thing

WolfsRain857 says:

The créu dance must be a virus for him x]

Neko Nya says:

8 people can’t dance this song

Khristelish says:

i rly like this,thanks :))

Grell sutcliff says:

que show mano maneiro tu eh muito bom nisso tem futuro vei

cadew00 says:

what program do u use????? or r u a pro animator??? whichever, ur awesome :O

ThoeFuPanda says:

HAH chibi creu 😀

magickfire1 says:


redwind1011 says:

omh you should doo cartons for tv!!!

Silverlimb says:

That’s lovely animating. C: What do you use to animate?

CrusnikZerosama says:

This dance is good but its got nothin’ on Caramelldansen xD

doseusa says:


PriPriVer says:

Thanks for letting me know.
Please watch the new HD version in my channel.

PriPriVer says:

I am Brazilian and live in the USA. Thanks!

PriPriVer says:

From the Creu cat’s point of view, ‘Creu’ is supposed to imitate the sound a cat would do when it purrs then meows.
In the original Brazilian funk song, ‘creu’ is a slang which has a dirty meaning. It is very typical that Brazilian funk songs use metaphorical words to indicate a sexual meaning of some sort.

Both words are no more than a fun coincidence, as if the cat is dancing the funk as his ‘own’ song. Creu cat (and his name) was created almost 10 years before the release of this song.

doseusa says:

what does creu mean?

ruakuu says:

The video got corrupted for some reason, I try to watch it in explorer and firefox and both show it wrong

4everrams says:

yeah i saw this song in a video about AAU

sarahm415 says:

That is soo. Cute the kitties are all shaking there butties. Heehee Lol

thanatos1906 says:


AJ627 says:

so cute, i saw the part of the video at the AUU animation lab at 180 NM, i looking at the cute artwork i wasted to see the full version. nice job.

wscottwarren says:

Really cute! Nice animation!

Karina Rocha says:

ahahah os americanos que trabalham comigo adoraram!


Z00kah says:

Cute, I want to hear the sped up version of this song!

grouchomarxmusic says:

fuckin funny knowing what he says

boriquanene21 says:

love it
its so0 cute

E Lopes says:

Muito legal!

mellonxcolliee says:

the guy singing is so annoying, but the cats are SO CUTE

Final2543 says:

Im partly brazilian. My mom and grandma are XD

blitzkriegahsofar says:

Tive que voltar para dar mais uma olhadinha…

lyssiiiexlovesxyouu says:

this song makes me wish i was brazilian 🙁

bewarman says:

I just watched this at the Spring Show. Amazing! Nice job 🙂

rocinhajj says:

yes I love this..verrrrry cute fofinhos!

beeh313 says:

adoreeii !
qui gatiinh maiis fofiinhu
e a montageem fikoo otima !
teem razaum gatinhus fazeem crrreu ^.^

blitzkriegahsofar says:

I’m brazilian. Never wathed the song before.
But this vd is just AMAZING! Very funy. Thank you very much for posting

blitzkriegahsofar says:

WOW! I´m brazilian and never seen créu dance before, but THIS one.. I’ll take to my favourites! IS GREAT!

Iglesias301 says:


brasp8 says:

very nice!

JustThisGuyYaKnow says:

Very cute! Thanks for posting. I wish there was an English language version of the song!

JustThisGuyYaKnow says:

Very cute! Thanks for posting. I wish there was an English language version of the song! It’s definitely growing on me.

ListenUpMusic says:

Como sempre o lixo cultural do Brasil! É muito bonito. É país é muito bom! Muitíssimo bom!

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