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Drum solo belly dance performed by Mandanah at Middle Eastern Treasures concert, presented October 19, 2008, at Humanist Hall in Oakland by Mary Ellen Donald


Shasha2803 says:

Wohooooo! Suhweeeeeet! U my girl, rock!

Anonomusturd says:

Hey she’s talented, for sure, but it’s still weird that she’s fat. It’s like a white guy serving you at a Chinese restaurant. It doesn’t match up and with the belly giggling so much I just wonder why choose belly dancing? More power to her but if your gonna show off your stomach that much, I say be in shape, it’s something you have control over.

dollified100 says:

I’ve never seen a full figured woman belly dance before. She dances very well. She looks pretty good. She’s very beautiful also.

lory991959 says:


feibenkill says:

very beautiful woman and exellent drum solo…..

Madi Mad says:

jelly dance.

Laslo Zoita says:

Wow, she’s really good, I’ve seen many bellydancers and she tops lots of them, she’s got rythm and spunk

sonyjedi1672 says:

Wooo! She’s hot! 😉 Wish I could move my hips like that.

aloha4260 says:

Well said 🙂

Arianne Plasencia says:

Wish I could shake like that 🙁

Far Z says:

She needs to take 2 years of diet before she dances in front of a camera !,!,

Нателла Явная says:

Она танцует намного лучше некоторых костлявых. А главное, энергичная и умеет себя подать не смотря на лишние кг. Худышкам есть чему поучиться, строиность – не залог хорошего выступления

Kimberly Mayen says:

thats real belly dancing “literally”

shirin12314 says:

Good dancer wow

jenisha shrestha says:

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abdu2216 says:


abdu2216 says:


Natalee Rippy says:

Ok umm no

oklahoma321977 says:

I give her props. Shes good. Just goes to show you dont have to be barbie to belly dance.

Lucia Ruffen says:


Martha Ashine says:

This is refreshing….I love it…she is really good.

Christine Winkler says:

Einfach nur große Klasse !!!!!!!!!!!!!

khalil katanani says:

السؤال : انتي شو تعشيتي قبل ما تطلعي ترقصي

joan jarabejo says:

thats the fighting spirit…doesnt matter what ur size long as u do it right and u enjoy doing it ^_^..

hkm9974 says:

مره شكبرج هتره بعيره حامله جايبه بطنج مدندلة ماقلتي احمي عورتي واحمي شرفي ورجليج مدندلةبالقبر

linda martin says:

bravo!!très beau à voir!

llovegood says:

Fantastic and beautiful! <3

MrNatasa says:

Jesus Christ, what the cow doing here?ugly thick

kendrakitten says:

learning belly dance myself she has a lot of guts and work that went into doing this performance and she’s amazing!

Pinot Noir says:

WOW! Bravo! Absolutely amazing!!! So much beauty, so much rhythm, and so much life! ! ! ! Please keep it up and show more of your dancing 🙂

jjjaredjones331162 says:

Shes pretty good!

rainbowtoesocks says:

I must admit that my initial first reaction was to her figure, purely as a contrast to what I’m used to being shoved into my face by mainstream media.
But just 30 seconds in my mindf switched over to the rythym and feel of the music.. and her body moves so well with that, im envious..

marta kukla says:

i like it….

Sabina SaBInA says:

a ti n boiwsa sprawivat?

Elish axundov says:

A kakoy uneyo razmer Qrudi ??? 😀 😀 😀 xD

Sabina SaBInA says:


Sabina SaBInA says:

Nu i cto cto tolstayaa..zato namnoqo krasiveye stancevala

Radha Cloud says:

Very beautiful, each move executed with perfection! Congratulations!

Renniejonas says:

Impresionada con su talento! Que hermosa! Es perfecta!

Luis Rivera says:

I didn’t notice the weight until someone wrote about it, anyway at least she dancing on Youtube for everyone to see…you go that confidence.

maria martinez says:


tracy alford says:

This lady is beautiful!

KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

Oh, i know why they call it belly dancing now!

faturechi says:

There is a Persian saying. Zan baayad khoskel baashe, sefid o kami chaaq.

“A woman should be beautiful, fair and a bit fat.”

If you have a problem with that, consider not watching belly dancing. Obviously, women dancing seductively is not your cup of chai.

Lovegainers5 says:

I am very attracted to her belly! I love seeing it jiggle!

makingallpossible says:

Great dancer! Congratulations

karen ojeda says:


LuBaviii says:

gute performance! Gute Tänzerin 🙂

MissKenapy says:

I think she looks great

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