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More info: My puzzle collection: This is my second mod, you can see the first one (half-truncated cube) here: * I changed from plastic cement to a cheap brand of epoxy and it still wasn’t strong enough * The plastic I used for capping had something mixed with it which shows as brown dots, but after putting the stickers you can barely see them * The part which takes the longest time by far is the sanding, the more time you dedicate, the more the pieces will look even * I still haven’t figured out a nice way to cut the stickers, maybe at the end I’m always too eager to finish hehe Hope you enjoyed, any questions are welcomed =) The song is Dança do Créu by Mc Créu


Rafael Montes says:

with that role did the stickers

goodcheez1 says:


TheDutchcuber says:

Is it harder than a 3×3

Luke T says:

I just made one 🙂

Zhanchi4ever says:


chapulinaaa says:

It’s just a flower pot I bought at a garden supplies store 😉 Just use whatever you can find which is made of about 2mm thick black strong plastic.

eRnOrUbIkd23 says:

in hte 0:42 what is the flower things did you paste on the rubiks  cube?.

IndieEarth says:


EnricoXD12 says:

CREEEEEEEU CREEEEEEEU pelo menos 1 gringo q gosta d musica brasilera …

gamer3928 says:

Where do you get your stickers?

chapulinaaa says:

I used a rotary tool

chapulinaaa says:

A flower pot kinda thing, the plastic wasn’t so good though… The box of a deck of cards which I used in my half-truncated mod was much better 😉

cubingmaniac123 says:

amazon look up 3×3 barrel mod

wowds1 says:

i love the song it fits the video

pureofblood says:

AU-FUCKING-CH! MY EARS!!!! I had my volume turned all the way up as soon as i clicked this video it almost made me deaf 🙁

malcolm brice says:

Nevermind. My description didn’t fully load. Now I got it

malcolm brice says:

What is the name of the song. Was that plastic or rubber. And your cube seems larger than normal. Where did u get it?

chapulinaaa says:

Hey! I wouldn’t know… You should try making your own like I did ;)

xXZiggZaggerXx says:

Where can I get one of these?

chapulinaaa says:

It’s very famous in Brasil ;)

Nikola Zlatkov says:

Where did you find this song? xD

chapulinaaa says:

It is definitely possible to make something out of it, not sure what though 🙂

cvaughn55 says:

Hey Is it possible to take the corners u made out and make it a cube again????

LAMARM97 says:


METAGEARlol says:

What was that big black plastic/rubber thing?

mickey black says:

GENIAL!!! thx men !

blindbiker22 says:

you could get cubesmith barrel stickers

chapulinaaa says:

Yeah, the original cube had a Japanese color scheme 😉 I stickered the barrel’s extra faces randomly though…

blindbiker22 says:

is that japanese color scheme?

Ravanaboy says:

Was it a saw that you used to cut? Awesome video! Awesome Music!

cubeman30 says:




AznRiceWonder says:

This song is too funny LOL

XxSpud2k11xX says:

thank you you have just wasted 2:07 of my live awesome

DeltaGardna says:

Que droga! Até aqui tem créu!

chapulinaaa says:

In my previous mod, half-truncated cube, I used plastic cement and it didn’t hold for long. This time even the epoxy didn’t, I wonder if I’m doing anything wrong… the surfaces were really rough, I thought they should hold…… 🙁

chapulinaaa says:

The song is in Brazilian Portuguese 😉

gustavo20202020 says:

e ainda coloca uma musica podre assim

Ice Breaker says:

can you use something other than epoxy like super glue maybe?

tmaduct5 says:

que language?

chapulinaaa says:

A mitre box 😉

tmaduct5 says:

whats that blue thing called

chapulinaaa says:

Nem conheço, vou dar uma procurada, valeu pela dica =)

Carlos de Alcântara says:

Muito bom o mod! Mocinha, você já conhece a galera do fórum de cubo aqui do Brasil? Talvez você curta, tem mais gente que faz mod de cubo lá. 😉

chapulinaaa says:

Valeuzzzz =)

Ivan Mendes says:

É a primeira pessoa que vejo que coloca uma música desse tipo num vídeo e me dá uma justificativa satisfatória por isso. Tomem como exemplo antes de sair xingando!

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