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Close This is the salsa basic step dance and salsa dance moves. You’ve seen ballroom dancing on TV shows like Dancing With The Stars with Cheryl Burke and Emmitt Smith, Ballroom Boot Camp, America’s Ballroom Challenge, and So You Think You Can Dance?. We present how to do a right turn in partnering, as well as the crossbody lead and the open break. These moves are fundamental to making a lot of combinations work once you reach advanced levels of salsa.


jessica figueroa says:

Love it thanks :)

Parsifaal says:

How do you signal/lead for the open break move ?

paulistanodroid says:

qual é o nome desta musica por favor .

tommy m says:

learning salsa steps important but guys don’t spend enough time improving their game. Every guy in salsa club can dance. Check out my video. I got way more numbers than the best dancers.

Jingjai Rueplao says:

I would lick it.

Jamie Shardlow says:

Lol Im not following the footsteps! Just that ass! 😀

Afro samurai says:

I only learned salsa to hook up with girls, and hook up i did thank you salsa at least i know your true purpose ;D

treetooone says:

Oh boy… I’m here because my girlfriend started talking about me coming to her salsa lessons :S

lopez1693 says:

I watched your video and i liked how you teach salsa step by step, but i have a big problem.. Can you plz make a video how to dance sexy salsa too because i am going a club soon with three of my grilfriend and they know how too to anything and i really dont want to look stupid in front of them or everyone else in the club. They alwayz say im not a good dancer and i looked stupid not knowing what im doing they like to laugh at me at any small i do wrong and make me feel bad and not dance anymore

MrMederek says:

check out my page and leave me a comment, thanks.

MrMederek says:

check out my page and let me know what yall think, thanks.

coachaugie says:

Most “good” salsa dance teachers don’t really emphasize the 4 and 8 counts because they are pauses. 1-2-3//5-6-7//. 

Phuong Lien Dinh says:

rất hay:)

Haythem Lutfi says:

Good teacher!

MrBlacknosugar says:

96 people cant dance

somalayear says:

Merci pour la dance,très clair et facile à pratiquer

wowerman says:

it happens when we all start salsa:)) or other dances without practice, when you do other dances too it is confusing haha, you need switch over which is not easy.good luck

bianca gonzales says:

Ughh haha I’m so uncoordinated…&I desperately need to learn how to do this w/o having to have a drink 1st :)…But the video was EXTREMELY helpful…Thank You

zoe taylor says:


dreamgirrrl9 says:

u guys (the instructors in the vid) are fantastic! i saved this one in my fav’s and will practice this tonight with my partner. thank u for breaking the moves down so simply. i am somewhat above the basics but still a beginner and just starting to learn how to apply what i’ve learned to dancing with a partner. my bf is great at street salsa but is now learning the club style salsa moves together w/ me. we are really commited to it and having a blast learning & practicing together. 🙂

Eneas Rocha says:

Salsa on “3”, salsa on 4, salsa on 7! The most important thing is to dance an enjoy it!

Eneas Rocha says:

Salsa on “3”, salsa on “5”, salsa on “7”… the most important is to dance it, and to make the lady feel and look good!

salsabilasbs says:


deebee0712 says:

I was thinking the same thing.

Colorfulspheres says:

I’m not horny, I’m acknowledging the biteability of aforementioned ass.

bob1987ify says:

Go look at porn if you’re horny. Jesus Christ.

mesher17 says:


legalrule1 says:

LOL! At 4:10 I completely lost track of what he was saying bc I got destracted with those nice HOT white pants!!!

Linh Vu says:

her footsteps while actually dancing are too fancy it makes it harder for girls to learn. Other than that, I think this is a really good salsa instruction video. Thanks for posting 🙂

Carolijn lentz says:

you can go to Nicaragua or another latin country and have private lessons for 5 US per hour. I did it!

nemorino says:

Outstanding instruction!

Georgina de Wilde says:

Thanks I am finally learning salsa ….hope one day I will be good enough to dance in a party ….. btw is there a private lesson I can get from you which won’t be too expensive? Georgina

Tynan Sylvester says:

3:45 “cut”?

Superlyrical Ortiz says:

Great videos. Where do you teach?

pocho31 says:

omg she is freaking hot!!!! LOVE LATINAS

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Very interesting for beginners. Samba has some similarities too with salsa, in terms of rhythms, but not in terms of intensity.

charlesreid1 says:

This is definitely the video where, after watching it several times, things are starting to click… EUREKA!!!

moa2010188 says:


ReyDayami says:

No no para nada! El de maestro y buen Salsero tiene lo q yo Tengo de Marilyn Monroe.

ADancingOstrich says:

*hermano … its mi hermano

DallasKowboy says:

The song is “El Negro Bembon”. There are different versions by different bands. I think the best is King Bongo though.

tkn6 says:

anyone know the song used at the beggining

jubyvera662 says:

lol, i am not a beginner  i am super advanced lol.. nice vid .

ayw89220068 says:

Beautiful Life♪♪

Colorfulspheres says:

Thumbs up if you wanna bite that ass.

Colorfulspheres says:

Thumbs up if you wanna bite that ass.

Colorfulspheres says:


memo chavez says:

2006 wow

Adel Darwish says:

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