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Close for more salsa dance lessons videos! Learn the basic steps to salsa dancing free. This salsa dance video is a ‘practice with us’ salsa dance video. So, I hope you enjoy the basic steps to salsa dancing for beginners.


Lunaa1611 says:

hell yeah hhh

17MrLeon says:

What do you think is the story of any other salsa dancers. My story is no different lol.

RVBeEtZ says:

lmfao! that made my day!

georgewu5 says:

You Tube: Adrian Y Anita ( Champion World Salsa open ) show 2010 (official). He simply stomping his feet, hardly dancing ! the music is so fast, people cannot tell the difference anyway ! So what the hell ! George Wu, AIA 2013-2-11

georgewu5 says:

The trouble of counting 123 567 is that after the man manipulating the woman to spin several times, he himself lost count, He forgot where he was on 7 or on 3. I never have this trouble when I danced the original Mambo 2341,2341. I always knew exactly where I was, and twisted my hips for the Cuban motion and had my pause, as a Latin dancer should be ! I saw the Salsa champion Anita’s partner on the video, he did not have the hesitation, and did not have the Cuban Motion! George Wu, AIA 2012-2-11

MrManny304 says:

now while your doing the spin do you maintain holding hands?

bozocrveni says:

lol, do you want to teach me how to salsa? law student over here 😛

bozocrveni says:

yup 😀

XlinkK280 says:

Whats the song called on 1:30?

Lunaa1611 says:

yeah i was studying chemistry and took a little break on 9gag…. finished here -.- damn u 9gag

TheOtherGuy021 says:

9 gag?

catcoolishcat says:

I have exam tomorrow.

bozocrveni says:

48 hours until finals. YOUTUBE, TEACH ME HOW TO SALSA!!!

zouzoukf97 says:

Heyy guys plz like this photo

Lorenzo Zuniga says:

Latin dances are the sexiest and most romantic <3

Marx Aur says:

Thats club life, unforgiving.

LittleE6 says:

Yayy I learned it! Ok Shakira time!!

LuckyArrow1 says:


Jaso700 says:

thank the heavens for your video! got invited for my first ever salsa dance class tonight! I was freaking out! lol im so nervous i might be stepping on some toes but this video is so much helpfull,at least I know how to get started..

DesertsNomad says:

AHHAHAHAH,damhn best comment i ever given my like to AHAHAHAHAAH,i feel ya ROFL

NiteDown Scooby says:

UMAD :) LOL i was that guy

Martin Pond says:

hello checky

nelsonsmf says:

victor cruuuuuz

MrJoeCamarena says:

If only he showed how he moved his arms and hips. I’d hate to look super stiff while doing this dance.

Amory Labarca says:

I really most learn to dance

mpamparos says:

i did 2 circles and i am already confused! xaxa

robertrulay says:

Im Dominican and still find it hard lol

TheSmurffygirl says:

@Princess870867 ikr

TheSmurffygirl says:

@pitbulls4eva1 shut up


How often do you do the spin

poluiso says:

Going to get me some latina chicks with this

rigena phalange says:

hahaha, that made my day 🙂

laura10618 says:

Haha la cancion….. Mataron el negro bembom haha

cookiepeachess12 says:

Wow awesome I learn salsaa

Princess870867 says:

Those turns get me dizzy

sumbul stella says:


Jesus Tapia says:

very helpfull!! now new steps!!

Ana morales says:

I’m Spanish So i have to fix when im doing it !

tommy m says:

Good work. I don’t teach salsa, but I teach the real reason guys take up salsa. Check out my video Don Juan For Dummies. Learning dance step will get you to the door, but won’t get you through it.


I got it, im 100 •• white, pale as shit actually… going to my 100•• puetricain best friends house for new years…i need to know salsa, alittle bit of twerking, nd a regular 2 step….ill have soooo much fun

MrMederek says:

check out my page and let me know what yall think, thanks.

samshocky says:

hehhe good one

pitbulls4eva1 says:


wetnoodle666 says:

speak for urself. i killed it!

Hannahloves2Party says:

going to learn how to salsa in my spanish 2 class tomorrow.. watching all of these videos so i can be amazing tomorrow :)

Lester Sanchez says:

lmaooooo hell yes

alankaboot1986 says:

where is step 4 ??!

crazykeith1087 says:

I’m gping salsa dancing tonight for the first time… I’m scared

Traian Dragomir says:

what do i do with my arms?

moh rock says:

people don’t forget to use your knees! it’s not simply a walk, you need to use all your feet muscle it will help you a lot!

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