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vermadeepali650 says:

Realy nice steps;-)
I will try to do my best
And will surely see the next part:)

MusicLove3x says:

Great teacher love this!!!

mjlover9865 says:

I have never bellydanced until today, I started watching your videos over and over again, and now I am bellydancing like a pro! Thank you so much! Your really good!

Georgia Jones says:

I can already do that

noura aljumaiah says:

Very cool for Western Girl

noura aljumaiah says:

نبي نجيبك عند داود الشريا يقولس وشولوه ترقصين زينا


ah i can fo it standing but not quite getting how to move my kneesfor levels

shaaz zin says:

u look so elegant wen u dance i hope i’ll learn soon frm ur vds ;D
thnx :*

MsMizzjulie says:

@1991Cypriot thats females normally.gain after teen years? like i can pnly eat so much a day

1991Cypriot says:

However, eating will =)

Joseline Lopez says:

are my hip suppose to hurt when I first do this?

95swaqMONSTER says:

Tht hair I LOVE it!!!=D

EmilieJune says:

heehee “its not happening” you’re funny and cute. i subbed. i want to learn

lilmonster2221 says:

So I have been doing it right all along ? Nice !! 😀

shakti jadon says:

you are amazing…This is so helpful. Thanks =))

Cheesecake Gadsden says:

im cant do this its hard

qdog781 says:

to hhhhhhhaaaarrrrrddd

tiazzawilson says:

yes it does. try again

Ellen Gipson says:

the link to your website doesn’t work.

tyaira wilson says:

We have the same last name

Asha Khan says:

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sexy333vampire says:

she is doin gr8…i cud finally do it….

ffiezalatif says:

Teacher, my hips don’t want to lock! Or what you’re saying sharp drop. Why???

ButSheSaidSheWas18 says:


Hannah Salam says:

you are full with fun 🙂

byankaree91 says:

I guess the knees must be bent from the very first hip movements. It’s what I can see from the video

BirthOfThePaige says:

I’m confused. Do you have your knees bent from the very first hip movements if you’re going down? Or do you do heel drop and then bend your knees?

teppolundgren says:

I’m a guy. I wouldn’t know…

teppolundgren says:

Damn you, perfectly shaped woman!

tiazzawilson says:

absolutely not :)

MsMizzjulie says:

I love belly dance. You are so gorgeous. I have very small hips if I belly dance will it add more “meat”to my hips?

claudia0216510 says:

This really helps. 🙂

Lyzette salinas says:

I’m joining belly dance at my school & this helps a lot

TequilaTaffy says:

i absolutely love your videos. very helpful. belly dancing is an excellent workout :”)

Fanna Cavanna says:

its so hard going down 

Sarah Buxton says:

I watched this video a while back and my hips couldn’t seem to do it… even with the ‘bend the knees’ tip. after a few mins practice over a few days, voila! Great fun thanks!!

ffiezalatif says:

But my hips lie… they just don’t go like yours! 

vicislame says:

I learned something today Thank you so much 😀 I had to subscribed

Cynthia Quintanilla says:

You are such a great instructor! im new to this and feel like im getting the hang of it! 🙂 i know it takes lots of practice but your videos really do help! thank you! 🙂

Reesauna says:

This is amazing I can sorta do it after watching you THANKS!!! :)

forshizzlemywizzle says:

I personally love Gothic and Tribal bellydance. At the moment I really want to choreograph a dance to Switchblade Smiles by Kasabian.

A good beginners song is “Kiss kiss” by Tarkan. But bellydance really is incredibly diverse. I’ve seen really good dubstep bellydances, for example.

Ryan Daniels says:

I WANT YOU! lol.

tiazzawilson says:

that’s what we wear when we practice and workout 🙂 Costumes are only for stage 

renee falls says:

i think she is wearing a sports bra but she is a good teacher

Ayoooly says:

Why do u cover your legs with the black thing it would helpful if we see the way you move them

tfoprincess says:

I began moving my shoulders at one point. XD

Kat D says:

you are wonderful:D


Thanks for teaching us how to bellydance!! 先生がお上手ですね!ありがとうございます。

theinfamuskater says:


rociosuarez30rs says:


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