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badarm30 says:

Amazing ur teaching ..mybroblem is in my left ; (

snookielaroue says:

Is she in a mini house…..oh my

Chelsea L says:

Beautiful. SO helpful 🙂 Thank you!

lynne harper says:

is she really tall are her house is just small…?

zahid khan says:

mimikune will you have sex with me…..i will insert my penis into your vagina very slowly
You will enjoy 🙂

mimikune says:

and i love your HAIR. ;o

mimikune says:

either you are crazy tall or thats just a short doorway.. btw i love the videos. 🙂

RainbowRumpusCast says:

But it’s pretty like this.

princexxshona says:

i thnk the roof of the room is not plain its in “V” shape

7BCaroline says:

You explain everything so clearly! Lovely! Thank You, tiazzawilson! 🙂

kasiaOna76 says:

Fajne filmiki .

AleayiahBaby says:

Thank you 🙂

Md. Nazim Haider says:

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Sadaf Saburzai says:

nice one i learned

C. Bianca says:

Eat more vegetables and less meat,also more fruits than sweets..Also 30 – 60 minutes of exercising home or fitness would be perfect.

Elysiamichelle says:

Am I the only one that got tired after seconds of this ? ;o

Lovelynicki123 says:

Figure 8 by ellie goulding

erica LOFTUS says:

I learned this move as a “goosh”. As I understand it, an “egyptian figure eight” makes an infinity sign using back and forth motions with your hips, not up and down. Am I misinformed?

OfficialRonnySilence says:

Honestly, this is cool. It’s rally amazing to see people who can move their body in ways like this. Thank you for showing how to do. 🙂

Niral Devnath says:

nice moves

tashalove321 says:

Shes not that tall its how he camra is and you can also see that it looks taller than the celling or cealing or whatever

clasik228able says:

:0 you’re fn tall

AleayiahBaby says:

How are you so skinny? Please tell me. I need to get skinny.

1988rithanya says:

haha i noticed it only after reading ur comment 🙂

kxhande says:


OliviaSilkfeather says:

Wow its a small door or r u so long?

Manvendra Singh says:

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ILoveBootyShake says:

Your beautiful and talent is to be worshiped. Thank you for this belly dance video.

Nagma791 says:

how tall is she?!!!

trishaalovee says:’s so cool easy nd fun

aazitaa1 says:

I love the way you teach soooo clear and gorgeous

Chris Welp says:

is she like 7 feet tall??


It’s very nice and easy.Thanks for your lesson……

srideviaful says:

i loved u dear thanx for d nice lessons just plz tel me how did u get ur nice six pack women sixpack only by practisisng dance or u do aerobic too plz do answer me

TheYazmanian says:

sweet! i can do that! it took a long time to self teach.

TheR1natasha says:

I think it is the attic, I had small doors in my upstairs room which I called the attic. I finally learned how to do the figure 8. Perfect demo because Tiazza did it slow and gave other ways of doing it right. THANK YOU.

meaSen2012 says:

بس كأنك محروقـــه يعني  !!!

meaSen2012 says:


TheSweetSarahize says:

She is probably in an attic and the door is as tall as it possibly could be considering the angle of the attic which get’s higher as you enter the room. Just my suspicions here.

mira obik says:

like your hair,

نهى الصحفية says:

hahahahhahah Right

cocooowns15 says:


cocooowns15 says:

hahha so true 

therapeutics23 says:

i love that you explain everything step by step..thank you

أوتي الحربي says:


Sarah Sammy says:

i’m arabian and i don’t know how to belly dance lol shame on me

RheDahlia says:

Cool but the room makes you look like a Giant!

94Midnightbeauty says:

I hope the room is just really small 🙂

Taurus0345 says:

I love your videos, but I would also like to see you do the dances at the end – with music. I know it will be more interesting to others as well. 🙂

BVBArmyMember says:

i mean you could ask her if you want her opinion

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