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easy to learn how to dance axé music Acessem a comunidade do youtube no orkut thanks


misswillingtolearn says:

The song is Quebra Requebra ,  available here on YouTube or on 4shared .

carlos macouzet says:

hey people!! whats that song?
where i can find it?

rizalinzy says:

i like d guys,,,ahm….i like the way they dance,,,ehm,,,no more,,,thier body is bodily kinesthetically nice

james breezy says:

from brazil just a dream watch

Isaac Fernandes says:

nao tem melhor do que estis tres dancando - otimo – this is the best i have come across – pity the quality but the guys are awsome

Isaac Fernandes says:

nao tem melhor do que estis tres dancando - otimo

starRavenCraft says:

yea he could get it !

Shawn Corey says:

thumbs up if you only watched the girl 😛

kevalenoxx says:


shayla95 says:

Aint that the truth……i’ve been watching him w/o blinking lol

Melis DaV says:

How do you move your butt like that! This is amazing~

Valmourt says:

só rindo aqui, os caras cheio de culturas legais e admiram estas danças escrotas, quero ver dançar como o Michael Jackson kkkkkkkkkk

weykmanfr says:

muffin on top ahahhahahahah that was funyy, that’s because we are just comfortable with our bodies in brazil

weykmanfr says:

it’s not that hard to us brazilians cuz we dance to this since very little, and we dont see it as promiscuous, we just see it as dancing and having fun, moving our bodies.

editz1 says:

that’s EXACTLY the same thing i think! haha 😀

editz1 says:

i want to learn that choreography!!

AlessandroMENGAO says:

pior q isso só funk msm

misswillingtolearn says:

You should check out a Brazilian singer/dancer called Xandy , who is the vocal lead of a group called ” Harmonia do Samba ” . That guy really knows how to shake ! And no , he´s not gay at all !

misswillingtolearn says:

Great ! This is truly an axé choreography !

ExcluZZivo says:

como se isso fosse muito dificil kkkkkkkk

natnat116 says:

i want to learn how to do this dance!!!

taayna999 says:

eu naop acho vergonha melhor que funk eu adorei *—-*

LobaXxAxX says:

hooooooooooooooooooooo es q me e enamorado del chaval de la derecha ….. q trasero ……….. hoooooooooooooo

dora2398 says:


fivi1222 says:

NICE!!! 😀 but i agree

Joice Lemes says:


kaloirinha says:

‘quebra requebra’ by: Oz bambaz

kaloirinha says:


martin b says:

brazilians i love them

buhlays says:

just the brazilian people can do this… it’s hard. they’re really good. n vejo a hr de voltar pro Brasil! que saudaades!

GLBizzie says:

what’s the name of the song

Rajeev Nair says:

great. song and dance both.

PamellaDyviee says:

flippervenez : pq comico ¬¬ ?

tu no conece la nuestra cultura ¬¬ entonces no digas nada :S

gente idiota q naos abe o e axe e fica dando a orra da opniao sem saber ¬¬ IGNORANTES

flippervenez says:

jajajajaja mas comico

Gyzhé Díaz says:

bellos los chicos….d impacto…

Anderson silva says:

so pra informa que isso nao é axe nao viu intelectuais
axe sao musica como as musicas de ivete sangalo daniela mercury e outros
pra nos baianos isso é pagode
nao pgode de funde de quintal mais outro tipo de pagode procure se informar antes de escrever qualquer besteira

Dulce Uva says:

Os garotos são muito agraciados

VespaDreams says:

haha so im not the only one 😛

Divinagurl says:

wats the name of this song

strainey123 says:

Axé vem do nordeste do Brasil ( Bahia)

goldfinger123 says:

you dirty mind

luckycharms17 says:


Diego Müller says:


Kyoto Vaiau says:

ok i thought it was easy but freaking hard dude…….lol

lilisenshu says:


Isaac Fernandes says:

wish the camera could be more focussed – the dancers are fabulous

aazzuull912 says:

love & linden tea

tonysmix says:

asu buen baile de que parte de brasil son ??????????

tourquenoise says:

el mejor es el chico de la gorra

siamsocr says:

vc sao os melhorese ponto final………….

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