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The best way to beat the doldrums is by doing the Latina Dance when you are fined tuned to do the most provocative steps and yet be within the basic steps and standards of ballroom dancing. The fascinating rhythm and the upbeat mood make Latina Dance separate from the rest of the types of dancing. “The rhythm is gonna get ya” as what Gloria Stephan described it in one of her songs. Get on your feet and watch how it happens. With your partner the tintinnabulation of the musical instruments swell with the latin rhythm be it rhumba, salsa, meringue, samba, cha-cha, tango etc. There is sexy in Latina Dance, an element that will never go away. Sexy is properly delineated in emotions, sensuality and basic facial and body expressions of the dancers be it in pair or line dance. There are also elements of pleasure, enjoyment, health and vigor and physical exercise in most steps. It is difficult to describe the emotions in Latina Dance, but once your feet and hips start to gyrate, the emotions automatically break loose. You are invigorated and physically exercised at the same time totally refreshed with pleasure. Enjoy !


boggy32 says:

get the videos here Tinyurl[dot]com/ylqthoz

elzevision says:

que buen clipp no cabe duda Nhon es un master

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