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ladykashmir’s relaxing music mix Ohio belly dancer artist,Ohio,dance,studio,instruction,
goddess ,super


Duncan Mc Cloud says:

you are to beautiful for words i love everything create you are a magical gift to the world and i give the goddess
a billion stars from heaven because that is where you come from ,

Al says:

Goddess, words cannot express the joy your art brings to my heart.

Torn Apart says:

I just can’t keep my eyes off you

hermm says:

Hey Patuuii I love your videos you are a wonderful dancer, please accept my friend request!! 🙂

Jazzycompa73 says:

Wow simply beautiful

gray beard pirate king says:

a real mans dream i feel like i have found the island of the sirens

Duncan Mc Cloud says:

you are so amazing anyone that gives you less than five stars is not a nice person,you are ONE OF A KIND x
the most beautiful woman in gods world i love you and thousands of people do keep giving to the world
we need you ,your my sweet goddess.

goddess kashmir patuuii saucier, says:

hi Alain thank’s for the 4 stars i know its you ,

captainkronos says:

here is my feed back baby you are just to wonderful for words,the last part i thought you were going to put the candle out with your ,beautiful,

lady kashmir charette says:

i have to say this is so much fun i had a blast making music and its a whole new world of art for me ,

darkstar666 says:

yes here she goes again with a new prize ,your gifts are so many lovely lady ,10 stars if i could ,

slavetoothegoddess says:

ok i am blow away what else are you keeping in your secret talent ,treasure box, i love it very relaxing indeed beauty,

Duncan Mc Cloud says:

you get more beautiful all the time and your music mix is excellent me and my lady really enjoyed the way you were in the whole video ,very interesting exciting even shocking, you always have something wonderful to shear,beautiful goddess

kattna says:

hi everyone relax enjoy beautiful music i love this thank you,

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