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Jonathan Ibarra & Elly Guadarrama (Mexico) – on1 finals Music: Lady Mambo . Grupo Latin Vibe – http – – – – http on1 finals results 1. Cristian Oviedo and Linda Ayentes 89.17 2. Darlin Garcia and Vera Rowe 88.81 3. Jonathan Ibarra and Elly Guadarrama 87.36 4. Javier Campines and Liz Lira 85.65 5. Deklan Guzman and Natalia Villanueva 85.36


Jonathan Ibarra says:

Wow I have the same name as tht dude

AlbertTorresEvents says:

Bendicion, Alguien que Lee ! muchas Gracias ! Thank you !

flch95 says:

nice routine..good dancing!

Daniel Benitez says:

se llama ” Lady Mambo “

KxHoNdO says:


KxHoNdO says:

Como se llama la cancion

diizneyOxo says:

komo se llama la cancion?????

TheBostonSalsaScene says:

I loved the shines! Very solid, professional, and hot and sexy!

mickeylyle says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay I love you guys!!

ClubDanceLessons says:

Good job and Congrats J & E!


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