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Jillina – Belly Dance, Definition of Shimmy Is there any dancer with more energy and vibration than Jillina? Have you ever seen better Shimmies?


lory991959 says:


geminiM2783 says:

I’m assuming you’re trying to compare her to a stripper. Because that’s TOTALLY the same thing…

jevitigre says:

Really?, name it a few to see them because i still think is a taboo for them.

Jo-Anne Gawley says:

Disgusting, try using your brain

TheWildScarletRose says:

The best?Jillina?Sorry, she is a very good dancer, but I find Sadie and Alla Kushnir far better than her when it comes to matters of technique…

jevitigre says:

That´s the question that none bellydancer wants to answer, in fact there is not a single website of a bellydancer that says their birthdate, it´s a taboo for them.

Asha Khan says:

Hello there, have you tried “Belly Fat Quencher” (just search on Google for it …)? There you will find a helpful free video. It helped Heather to reduce her tummy fat. Perhaps it will help you out also.

melediv says:

how old is she ?

carobelencita says:

how can an advance bellydancer being average??? No way…jillina just dance perfectly her own style, she’s advanced, but never average, one of the best bellydancer and charismatic, she have a connection with the audience too 🙂 love her!!!

pinkvela says:

she has the prettiest and most engaging smile and I love her hair pulled back like that. The fact that she’s a great dancer goes without saying. Also a great choreographer.

Alex Chin says:

it’s not the audience, it’s from the drummer 🙂

kingstaff4 says:

In Hawaii there are a ton of ladies than can move with a lot more energy.

emilyapathy says:

Im not being jealous or bitter but she really is only an average advanced dancer.

MonaTheBellydancer says:

I am a bellydancer and I am not jealous of other bellydancers they inspire me.

Gorgo Georgoudi says:

because they jalouse off eachother

nz2007eg2008 says:

Not impressed. I have seen much better dancers who didn’t call themselves “super stars”.

AkazukinKarina says:

Such an amazing artist.

DanzaKuduroDesi says:

Very good

horizontalman09 says:

Like to see you do better

angelmimi300 says:


Lidianne Andrade says:

nossa!!! ela arrasa!!!!

lemonyellow7 says:

astonishing technique my dear. thank you for sharing your amazing gifts. blessings & greetings, kelly

Tarifa Salem says:

Truly amazing. Too bad the idiot in the audience making the weird sounding calls was such a distraction. I enjoy hearing zarghareet to encourage dancers (I am Lebanese) as that is a means of conveying appreciation, but the other noise making is disrespectful to the dancer. Jillina is an amazing artist who deserves respect from her audiences. I realize some people just don’t know any better, but it bothers the HELL out of me when I am trying to enjoy the dance!

SnakeKundalini says:

One of the most overrated dancers ever……

jevitigre says:

You shouldnt be that surprised since with plastic surgery even 60ers even 70ers can look thay way.

Tyffany López says:

Can anyone tell me where was this presentation at? I wanna watch it completely plsss 🙂

Consuelo Gómez says:

I can’t believe she’s fifty! I am 22 and I feel embarrased for my shimmy! I still looking like a piece of wood while I am practicing it xDDD

Nora Marie Ask says:

WHAT??? She’s FIFTY???? You are JOKING?!? She’s defo one of my favorite dancers! I have several of her DVD’s, also a very good instructor! Another one of my favorites is Sadie, the Queen of Tabla!

jevitigre says:

angeleqq?, i supose you mean angeliqq

mike4369 says:

check out angeleqq

mike4369 says:

sorry but she is not even the best on youtube, or the cutest

aneliqq says:

She is perfect!

mangahoui says:

Jillina is just fabulous. as always. And to think, she’s coming to Sydney soon. Wow.

Lisa Bermes says:

it’s turkish style and she’s better than Didem

Lisa Bermes says:

No, I mean what I posted, nothing more.

jevitigre says:

Rachel?, Rachel Brice??, vamos lo que hace Rachel es un estilo muy diferente.

jevitigre says:

I think you mean the best of USA in that style.

latanyasdance says:

No, why should I.

Rosa Perea says:

What? are you kidding right?

Lisa Bermes says:

Jillina is the best I’ve seen so far. The discipline. The isolation of each muscle and the control…. true bellydancing.

Nani Delatto says:

La cara de ansuya y rachel brice asi de “no mames” Hahahahahaha XD

EdMoZiThA16 says:

La verdad me quede sin palabras….
Fue como caso ver a Rachel
Felicidades bailas muy bien (:

latanyasdance says:

Fifty? I don’t think so. I know she is born around 68.

MonaTheBellydancer says:

Why do ALL bellydancers have to be compared to each other? Seriously stop? Do u enjoy doing that? If every bellydancer were the same it wouldnt be bellydance what makes bellydance is that every single one of bellydancer have a unique style and for Sadie for example to be appreciated it takes people to seen other bellydancers to appreciate her style and same for others, what is different its what makes them unique. So stop comparing, they are awesome in their own way

Jessica Ozone says:

the best part about this video other than the amazing dancing …. smiles on everyone’s faces. this is how i feel when I watch quality stuff like this!

SuhailahNour says:

Hola, esta en el DVD Live in Paris at the Folies Bergere es un DVD precioso, que lo disfrutes, suerte!

Kassandra Ebol says:

try to search RACHEL BRICE !! she’s also good 🙂

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