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Close …. http *** Facebook group: JAMIL BELLYDANCE Follow Jamil on Twitter: ************ THIS IS JAMIL & DANIELLE LOPES. THEY ARE BOTH PROFESSIONAL BELLY DANCERS FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. SPECIAL THANKYOU TO JAMAL ZRAIKA AND IG ON TABLA. For all business matters please send private message to agent through aforementioned website. Performance at DANSENSATION. 23/05/10 Special thanks to Ig for filming. This Material is subject to explicit copyright and infringement laws.


Maria Shazadi says:

Great dancers!!! Great place!!!!

heliouss says:

jameel is great 🙂

fruitsloops says:

Excellent …Want to see More …Jamil come over to the UK Please!!!!

Helena Li says:

What a great job!!!

confusedones says:

Amazing indeed. Very nice together u2. Wow.

Inralo says:

Both of them dance pretty cool

magicfan says:

Has belly dancing ever been done as a couple? I mean like the salsa or the lambada like? It would be fantastic and so hot too.

Ibnelra17 says:

Wow,i like it Jamil!

Mariyaah says:

as usual……BLOODY AWESOME!!! :))))

RobertRaks says:


At 2:30, that was an INTENSE zagareet!

firepoispinner says:

ha ha first to comment! That was awesome!!!!

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