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Its all in the hips. Learn how to samba in this free dance lesson about moving your hips in the Brazilian Samba. Expert: Patricia Prata Contact: Bio: Patricia Prata is a triple threat Brazilian actress living in Los Angeles. Patricia has been training and working with the best dance artists in the world for many years. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


Victor Pereira says:

Incrível como as pessoas têm essa “necessidade” de se catalogar por cor, aspecto físico, nacionalidade, cultura.. –‘ Imagino onde vamos parar.

VlPmsg says:

surely Every Knee Will Bow, Every Eye Will See, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — HALLELUJAH – JESUS CHRIST REIGNS —

JCSmin says:


Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved - Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

Danaija Robinson says:

This is why so many afro latinos dont like to identify with african americans… You people are racist and thats embarrassing. And for the record, I have no damn hips and I’m afro panamanian. I’m a black latina and I have NO curves, so what does that say? Latinos don’t see everything in black and white like you do and many of us are mixed with so many different cultures. We get our language from the europeans, our dance like Samba and salsa and bachata ect. from africans and alot from natives

balkan4esa says:

I cant see anything .. dear !! You have black things on you !! SHOW YOUR LEGGS that we can see everything 😀 

ANFeuerstahl says:

I love hispanics but we Brazilians are not hispanics, so that.

quantumphysics9000 says:

Please all those things you people waste money on, black Africans have them naturally so dont hate! Arab women have no curves, Asian women have no curves, European women have no curves Indian women have no curves! Look at how well sculptured a black woman’s body is! That’s why you people with no such traits are buying them like hot cakes at the surgeon office!

quantumphysics9000 says:

8.4 million slaves ended up in brazil fir the slave trade that’s more than Europe and USA combined. So there are more African culture in brazil the dance is African the way they move is African the food is mainly based on African slaves cooking.! Geez learn your history! I never knew European can dance except they are born in raised in brazil! Next thing you’ll be saying is Europeans have natural large breast and butts and lips! Please all those things you people waste money on, black Africans

MultiCanalis says:

mixed or not we just want to dance samba! 😀

marcos douglas says:

claro que somos latino americanos

pendulanagan dulang says:


Jessica Ketter says:

oh ok yh that is true 🙂 not I get it 🙂

waterhands20 says:

Uh, no that’s actually a fact. Barely any people of African descent in Brazil? I believe you misinterpreted what I said. Here let me rephrase: Brazil has the largest black population outside of Africa, more than the United States, more than the UK. Once again, this is a fact.

Jessica Ketter says:

ummmm what are you talking about that’s not true there are barley any africans in brazil only because most people have dark skin doesn’t make then african ??

Jessica Ketter says:

omg people brazilian are brazilians. cubans and cubans and Mexicans are mexicans we are all related but have our own stile.we can’t say we’re the same because we are not. brazil is the world of dancing and music and is mostly known for that.

SuperChocolatie says:

i have never seen a bad example off samba than this…

waterhands20 says:

Always willing to educate people like yourself. ;-}

varigdc10 says:

Thank you for the words, you are very classy !

varigdc10 says:

” The darker the berry the sweeter the juice “, I love this sweetie, I am a beautiful person, believe me, brown hair, green eyes, 2 meters high, I think about 80 kilos, and apologize for my idiotic words in a moment of elusions. Will you please forgive, I am in Chicago now on my way to Avalon, Catalina, would you please join me so I can make up to you, dear fascinating lady please tell me from where are you, please ? Love you, even you hatting me !

waterhands20 says:

Brasil has the largest African population outside of Africa in the entire planet.

waterhands20 says:

You’re Latin, dumbass.

Beauty4Aspies says:

Yeah, they’re flamenco shoes

RodaMagazine says:

With Samba Dance, you will be learning how to properly use your hips in practicing Capoeira. Hope you don’t mind posting this video on our blog.

MeIsDuckTape says:

I’m Brazilian, and I was invited to dance in a competition, but I had no clue how to do the hip thang, so this helped me a lot!

MexicanMafiano209 says:


yoyoyo151000 says:

I am Mexican but my Irish and German blood cancels it out cuz I have pale skin and I burn in the sun.

theredlady85 says:

i like the clicky clack of ur shoes!!

lalasitah says:

Brazilian accent is funny!! lol

maryamesp says:

wow people she’s jus trying to teach people how to samba and all the comments have to be about race and ethnicity. this is so sad! why is the samba so hard! but im determined to learn it!

JazmnLove says:

Lol thats a stupid thing to say.

Zejawera says:

take your pants off

isisacaje says:

she’s the one who needs some lessons. loool
parece mais sapateado que samba..

OneFasinatingFemale says:

You sound a bit ignorant “Heaven forbid I never ever want to be Latin or Hispanic” You speak as though being Russian and German is so much more superior lol are you blue eyed, pale skin with blonde hair? I find the more African/Latin looking Brasilians to be much more attractive. Their culture is so much more rich and beautiful.. And many others agree *shrugs* the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

saklaus says:

my boyfriend is indio, japanese, german, african, italian, turkish, from são paulo. our neighbour’s parents are both from poland, my colleague is italian african… all are brazilian. the most varied and beautiful people i’ve met (inside and out)

jackassqwe1 says:

oh my god its too hard…
say “no no superman no here”

Kingtutlan says:

Native American, with Portuguese and African blood…not so much Spanish.

Kingtutlan says:

When is the last time you have been to Brazil? Don’t base your perception of Brazil on YouTube videos.

Kingtutlan says:

When is the last time you have been to Brazil? Don’t base your perception of Brazil on YouTube videos.

omar khan ahmad says:

Agreed.. specially with the spanish dude… those girls are awsome in every way. and for dancing i give it to arab(iraqi) dance… it’s awsome and i know every move meaning loooooooool.
but as the hardest dancing i would say it’s indian man..
sorry for my bad language.

Lux Fernan says:

Brazilians arent Latinos??? U just got be kidding me. what the hell did u do in your school??? “brazilians are not latinos because of the geographic location” hahaha what’s gonna be the next joke. The Amazonia its belongs to the Americans hahaha.

lovethecaribbean1 says:

Hi, Like I have just told someone else the base line of being Brazilian is of course Native American then mixed with Spanish and African blood. But of course the true Brazilians are Native Americans.

lovethecaribbean1 says:

Well I would say yes you are Brasilian by birth but not by blood. Firstly the base blood of Brasilians are the native americans then mixed with the spanish blood and the african blood. But the true Brasilians will of course always be the native americans. Like myself I was born in England so I am english by birth but not by blood as neither of my parents or grandparents but part great grandparents are Scotland. However in sayin that I do also have Cuba blood and Puerto Rican.

varigdc10 says:

Wrong, Brasilians are a beautiful mix of people from all over the planet, not LATIN even more NOT HISPANIC. Example, My father was Russian, my mom German, I was born in Brasil therefore I am Brasilian. I am not Latino nor Hispanic, heaven forbid never even want to be LATIN or HISPANIC. Brasil is in a class of it’s own.

anonymous10001000 says:

most Brazilians dont have hispanic in them though…………….

Leonardo Valente says:

This woman is not bad…. But when a brazilian woman dance samba, is a little diferent yet…

maestr0t0l0sab0 says:

too fast

mike02601 says:

this is bolero……..

Guitargirlmx says:

is this flamenko or samba? lol

tionlover says:


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