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This salsa dance lesson for beginners shows how to learn the salsa dance basic steps while adding a bit of flavor to look better at salsa dancing at the salsa dance club. learn salsa dance classes and Salsa Dance Lessons at


georgewu5 says:

I have been dancing long before you were born, of course I have learned it the hard way. But there are basic requirements a Latin dancer should not ignore, such as Cuban Motion, and the counting of 2341,2341 to achieve the pause even after dancing for four minutes later, where counting 123 567,lost count later. You might feel offended when I suggest to take a look of the best Latin dancer of the world, not Adrian of Adrian and Anita but Slavik, YouTube Rumba Slavik. George Wu, AIA 2013-2-12

therealslimjeffrey says:

See you Tuesday

chico cuba says:

find a cuban,, this guy dont know a thing about salsa

salsaaddictalways says:

Stepping slightly back on TWO as he explains it is actually in accurate. You don’t step back on TWO, you actually ROCK BACK on TWO in the same general area. It is the same for the second half of the BASIC step, you ROCK FORWARD on Six. He does make some good points on some things. This video is actually decent. People can learn from this video.

Rob Flanagan says:

1,2,3,pause,5,6,7,pause absolutely hilarious…
If you still don’t get it the first “pause” is 4… and the second “pause” is 8… ooh la la

Johnny Mike says:

BAHAHAHAHA 1,2,3…. 5,6,7

Katlyn England says:

We’re playing Smooth by Santana in my alternative strings class in school and we need to find a salsa or tango step to do while were playing our instruments this’ll be fun

Zofia Krajewska says:

this is weird…

Babette Cheri says:

I’m doing a show soon and i really want to salsa dance with my mate but i need help!

Danny Rodriguez says:

Damn well as long as you don’t smell bad when sweating and it’s not profusely I wouldn’t that would be the case. But if your sliming them with your skin urine then possibly. Wear more black and carry a towel.

Arpia2007 says:

“beginners point of view” You idiot!

Afro samurai says:

yeah latina’s they need a man that that knows how to dance with sorry to here that. I actually met my woman in a club at a casino not at salsa she kept looking my way when we were dancing. then i went up to her and said u dance salsa she is like yeah n i was like great then i got her no. then we started dating full on and dancing salsa then she gave me the cold shoulder 4 no reason girlz for ya. do you think it was because every time we danced i would sweat overbearingly will never know lol

reyes19891 says:

Going salsa dancing tonight you were a big help thanks.

Danny Rodriguez says:

Great point. I learned this the hard way. Had a first date with gorgeous latina. We hit it off right away at a dinner date. Kissed at the end. Next date somehow i got dragged into salsa and I SUCKED! Haven’t heard from her since. Can’t let this happen again.

Afro samurai says:

I only learned salsa to hook up with girls, and hook up i did thank you salsa at least i know your true purpose ;D

Monkey98x says:

CRUZ #80

sadisticjupiter1127 says:

Lol I did the bounce thing…thanks!

robertodelao1980 says:


Moreno Lavoz says:

un gringo ensenhando salsa es el fin del  mundo mesmo

Moreno Lavoz says:

ese gringo no pasa nada

Steve Wood says:

because 4 is a pause

Nikolaa5 says:

it was pretty much challenging when I started with my group, to get a feeling and combine all movements. teacher made us to dance with partner. but thing is there only 5 of us guys and 30 girls/woman. so after each series of movements i needed to change partner so all can get few turns. and than it gets really confusing because after each partner swap am losing myself in dance. I could dance properly with like 3 of them as they were really good in movement. with others – not so lucky

Isabel Münich says:

123 567?

Tranqx says:

it drives me nuts but apparently how they count their music -_-

詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします says:


spouspube says:

Natural?! Man, I want it to look unnatural and awkward!

ebenholt says:

Awesome movie man! Hope you have IRL proper dance-class. 😀

詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします says:


psdaman says:

u pause for a bit after 3, which is 4. if he counted 4 it would confuse people. salsa music is 4/8 beats

宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します says:


fatimamaiez says:


IMDOC78 says:

1-2-3, 5-6-7.  nice counting

frijolitos10710 says:

Hombre,,,, hablan mucho ya me estoy durmiendo y no estoy aprendiendo nada del pasito salsero,,,, menos bla bla bla y mas ritmo.

darkyec says:

from the viewer’s point of view bean eater

Nickuncle says:

I just think 3 months is a bit much for dancing salsa and not have the arm motion down. It’s just my opinion. Otherwise great tutorial!

Dave Ismad says:

I could for-go (4 go?) a witty remark, as I am making mistakes >erk< nearly strangled myself with my earphone lead.  ;0P

CRONIC211 says:

Thanks bro!!! Great help.. Can you do a – natural step video – for other moves like the cross body lead steps or is it similar?

crazybutnotfucked says:

completely true, you just gotta feel it, get in front of your refrigerator where you can see yourself but not quite well and it looks like your partner. Try it and play some salsa and you just have to let your feet take control

kristijan brncic says:

I hope I will learn salsa before visiting Cuba!

kikohol says:


Ashlynn Kindschy says:

Guys: make a fist, but don’t scare the ladies! haha 🙂

pjackson624 says:

very helpful thank you

jjavierst6 says:

The four is when you point your heel ans swing it after 3

feim shabani says:

1 2 3…5 6 7? Where the four at? lol

Salsasheek1 says:

I like this video. When u Demo slow and go back you put heel down but when you go fast your back step , you don’t allow you heel to go down. Just something I noticed…really good video overall though!:)

fumiewofumouyo says:

【】現金が足りなくて困ってらっしゃる方… お譲りします。真剣にお受け取りになってくれる方はお譲りします。【】こちらから、最短30分程でお受け取りする事が可能となっております。みなさまのお力になれれば… と、思っております。

Returf Howard says:


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