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Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: ProfessionalDance Instructor and Director of DanceTouch Collective ( Brice “Professor Lock” Johnson gives you step by step instruction on various hip hop dance moves. Check out the Mahalo How to Dance Playlist: Check out one of these Mahalo “How-To” Playlists: Mahalo Style and Beauty: Learn History: How To Cook: How To Use iWork: How To Tap Dance: Music by: Btonez of #TeamWest Productions.


poop5045 says:

Boom boom bop…..Got it!

ricojr84 says:

i think the harlem shake was invented by a gay guy

JWflikz says:

come watch our version and see a dog get HUMPED …no joke ….my friends cray

mark ryan abrahams says:


jromero2576 says:

The fuck is wrong with his forehead

'm erica says:

i think im ready for the club now, thanks

yamaha69x says:

Professor Lock doing the harlem dance before it was mainstream

ellusionest23 says:

this is the biggest fucking forehead ive seen in my life WOW

xSilentxKilllerx says:

This is the worst harlem shake video to date

MinecraftDudez123 says:

no these are there steps:
1.someone dances in a mask
2.everybody in the room dances like a retard.

Nate Mansfield says:


LadyArtistic2011 says:

Pigeoned toe!

Spazzerset22 says:

this is the real one

Spazzerset22 says:

 this is the old one dumbass

Omari Mulholland says:

Good video

getup2nite says:

because he’s doing the real harlem shake… 

YummyNoob says:

really thres a video on this

Samer Qanadilo says:

1:36 make sure to differentiate not ba ba BOOM

Zackary Denbow says:

WTF you mean hes not wearing a mask!!!???

Ado98PS3 says:

100th like do i get a cookie?

Celena Lulu says:

cus this is the real harlem shake.

Nick Gogle says:

woah man, way too high for this much realization

fynnab says:

Enjoy your views

Zig Zang says:

/watch?v=joYxf0FaGXI Harlem shake SPONGEBOB

huisachemay says:

The real Harlem shake.

Ian Tamayo says:


Myra Morrow says:

Lmfao I can’t sleep. Sooooooo I search random shit on YouTube xD let’s see where I end up next…….

DB86vlogblacKops2 says:

Get ouy o thr mirror.


Baaa Baaa Bowaya

ne0cha0s says:

why am i here

Stakka96 says:

Where is the wall humping?

southsideStrong says:

Band player? I would be mad too.

AlmightyWinner812 says:


legwhgilmore says:

boom boom ba da da bam da da boom  shoulder, shoulder, ahhh
that’s all i was paying attention to….

MrHellcat26 says:

oh geez you really got me!

Leonidasman14 says:

Im definitely using those moves in my next dance battle with my parents

PlaidPeng says:

My version of the Harlem Shake involves humping a wall upside down…

michaeltreude says:

It ain’t hard just jerk like you are having a seashier

Al Mearder says:

bunch of CRACKER wimps

FertFag says:

haha did we do it right?

rawjoe9991 says:


semisadtv says:

Holy shit it’s Patrice Evra

TheFinalAeon04 says:

Is that a skinny T-Dog? I thought he died early in season 3?

xXSelenaJXx says:

@giantkid03 this move came long before that meme defaced. this was a move made popular by lil bow wow beck in the early days. look it up.

AmazinJw says:

the source of all viral videos in February 2013.

Al Mearder says:

@NastyNikes…………..piece of shit C R Acker WIMP

Al Mearder says:

could sell her……………. if properly WASHED

MegaTransat says:

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Harlem Shake says:

Learn more by watching all the shake vids!
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MrHellcat26 says:

This guy should sell his forehead for advertisement.

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