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Chris Reynolds says:

Can i lick you

wilz31able says:

hey all just wondering if anyone knew the song playing for this video clip, I haven’t seen this clip in years…

Linda L says:

What’s the proper name of this type of dancing called?

bayblastz says:

wtf why you mentioning this on a video like this lol put that on some politics or sum other video the fuck

tallgirlconfessions says:

omg i used to love the song in this clip..took me months to find it WHERE IS THE SOUNDDD

sija23 says:

i used to watch this years agooooo where is the sounddd quickk and what is the song i remeber i luved it ?

sija23 says:

wheres the fuk sound!!!!!!

naushad21 says:

Don’t know I ne 1 noticed but thares a fucking baby on the floor where she’s dancing

Jason Dailey says:

ur one of the only yotubers with a brain, iy seems like the rests head is filled with cement

Hottmeandu4200 says:

mi canal es caliente

justeen says:

dein schild hängt raus! oder trägt man da bei euch so?? xD

LeafBlade100 says:


Mrbadboy06 says:

smal room
wtf u want to show?

supersexytammra says:

im cuter

DylanPerkins1040 says:

wow, nice!, yet

YouTube’s not that great for hot nude models- go and

search for rudey tube . brilliant videos

LouisHeath5318 says:

shes hot. but youtubes not gud for seeing hot girls- defo check out Rudey Tube , awesome short videos

messifartoni9580 says:

hot sexy latina woow thats a nice ass

quickit2 says:

I like those latina camgirls. They all have a perfect body but most of time their private videos are shared on HOTTVIDS,com …after confirming your email you can download everything

bigeuroz says:

haha niiiice

lakin94 says:

just 4 the record im american and i dont see the problem that others c with mexicans moving 2 the usa i actually respect the fact that ur trying 2 make a better life 4 u and ur family but the whole getting shot and rapped thing can also happen here

hitdan says:

fuck u ! Americans are jst british who moved to america so its not ur country

erick salas says:

i agree
i hate it when every illegal here shouts viva mexico! the best! blah blah blah



funkyshinky says:

which song is playing in this background? Anybody?

GBROCK366 says:

i do not mean to affend white people, and again not all americans are white, but many americans hate illegals with a passion. But understand it wasnt our fault. we dont want your jobs we will do what you guys will not do. And we will pay taxes and contribute to the economy. All we want is a chance to live happily without worry about our kids getting shot or raped by drug cartels in mexico. Thats why we came here. In search for hope. The american dream.

GBROCK366 says:

whatever man
im just saying you dont know
how hard it is for illegals to
live day to day
and its hard to go back
with all of our family here
and the fact that we are raised as americans and no nothing else but the US way of life, and ur saying your better than me cuz you were born here on land that isnt really even yours. Killing indians and taking over a country doesnst mean your better than people who just want to be able to work and have a happy life like everyone else.

fo694013 says:

How, exactly, is denying entry into a universtiy because the hispanic applicant is illegally in the US racist? If that were the case it would be a blanket ban against hispanics, not just illegals. They’re lucky the school doesn’t turn them into I.C.E. Furthermore, do you REALLY think is the correct forum to talk about this? I think you just need to quit playing the race card, shut the hell up and watch this girl shake her ass like the rest of us.

GBROCK366 says:

well many illegal hispanics cant go to college, the US does not accept illegal immigrants
and if a person was brought to the USA when they were 1 year old its not their fault and the person knows how to live in the USA but would not stand a chance in mexico. (no jobs) i would be willing to pay out of state tuition for a college to accept me but no they gotta be so racist.
and no
im not saying white people are racist
every race has racists
im just saying its not right

AdulterySwim says:

Omg this world is blessed with these divine bodies

sarir1228 says:

wow how can she dance like that in front of that baby likee that
but shit i dont give a fuck
its a nice dance an shit no body else shoudlo care eeather
she can fuck somone in front of that baby if she wanteed
not sayin its right but she can do wat ever she wants

Joshua Albert says:

Its just a dance. I’m pretty sure it’s fine to dance AND have a baby at the same time. Why I bet one could even go to school at the same time. Another possibility is that she is babysitting.

emalelauren says:

WHOA!!! LOL, but how do you REALLY feel?

donaldson562 says:

lol.. you are all so mean!! i ll go to school and bust my ass to pay for the wic.. lol. as long as she breaks me off erey now and then..
she ahh right..

nfreerawr says:

i’m sorry for the baby

TroublesomeNikr says:

she would get tapped

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