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not too bad dancer


Internetfruitautomaten . nl says:

U should by a bigger tv, what is it 5 inch

samboleh says:

who is that?

jumpStevenjump says:

I’m going to marry a Latina.

chipper72189 says:

so were you previously gay?

smcoats says:

Fake!!!!! This is not real. There should be a kid in the background

U2TK7 says:

whos that girl? *gg*

Alexander Foljambe says:

She could burn down my bed anytime.

triviumer says:

enur feat natasja – calabria 🙂

iloveeuux3 says:

hahahahaha that made my daii (:

kevin kieft says:

what is the name of the song ?:P



lmarzec1 says:

You are to pretty

ajs assf says:

Nr off the song is…

Destanation  from calibria

LoKiTaDani15 says:

Gaasss aprendee pues a bailar

waakid007 says:

destination callabria!!!

dagger13733 says:

i already fock her

dagger13733 says:

her name is Yvonne Colon

athomas313 says:

its called calabria i think, but look up the anthem by pitbull, its the same beat, but better

killbily2 says:

omg is not a latina nuubs is mocro/nederlands. she living in nederland i know her

MarieChangdavis says:

wtf im from the bay i tare that shitt up
when i go dum n get nasty

showtime2525252525 says:


FCJO88 says:


hunnycakehourse says:

boa bis ja ma voll die olle^^

gsdbeats says:

omg let’s make babies boo!!!

deec18 says:

oh come on man, even my little sister can do that, be original ! :S

ich123007 says:

i would for her….
she´s damn hot
what´s her name
anyone know
pls answer

23runner4 says:

destination calabria

StrongNNNSilent says:

The Song is Calabria 2007 and/or Calabria 2008 by Enur. Features the voice of Natasja.

kizmannia says:

what tune is this, any1 no

babych24 says:


StrongNNNSilent says:

What is this song?

wtfisdaking99 says:

ill tear dat ass up

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