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Close Leticia Guimarares last year was the Official Princess of the Rio de Janeiro Carrnival “Court”, a contest promoted by Rio´s Government Tourism Body. This year, the sensual lady had a tie for the Queen position…She almost made it! Great costume and wonderful…


belavistario says:

Y la verdad …. lo malo está delante de los ojos de aquellos que han

Gustavo Juárez says:

en semana santa no se come carne, solo se observa.

martymar9311 says:

roger that! and she’s beautiful from head too toe,will deserve the title of a harrrrrrrrd working passistas,werk it gurl ,werk it!!!!!!!

blackpirates7 says:


BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

That is true…she even said that during the interview before the contest: she stayed almost 2 years preparing, with workout , gym + weights, and cosmetic treatments… : Great effort was valid!

Avtar Singh says:


arabiandouble says:

beautiful hat

alessandros00 says:

The beauty of the Carnival of Rio is impressive not only the artistic dimension of it, but the extraordinary beauty of its women that make them look smaller to other parts of the world. It’s a pleasure to see a show like this, there is no doubt that it is the largest and most impressive of all that are in the world.
Thanks for uploading these videos, if it were not for them we are away we could not enjoy this wonderful party.
Will we be able to see the parades in the Sambadrome? I love that.

martymar9311 says:

wowwwww! she built 4 samba ;d

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