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All credit to the original video that started this viral trend: DizastaMusic Here is the Original SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*


MrRohanmod says:


Darth Sidious says:

do you guys grow weed in that hallway? …want to?

stevan veliki says:

Crazy niggas :D

hehasmyheartxo says:

– chaz is hilarious ! 😀

BabyxThrilla says:

is that guy holding a stack of pancakes?

jocelyn93rxoxo says:


Sean Cluster says:

This beats the shit out of flash mobs

Blackice70009 says:

to damn skinny

ScottIsAnAlligator says:

Rick Ross on the floor with an AK-47.

youngo408 says:


mikayskyko25 says:


coolretrogames says:

this video was so black it turned my saliva into grape soda and my laptop into fried chicken

georgyorgy2 says:

Poor baby dropped his fuckin’ cheeto! 0:26

AviDD Muzik says:

that baby needs to get outta that homo house, still!!

Andrew McKenzie says:

If you guys got a minute, check out my Harlem Shake video on my channel!

intuitionblue says:

Is that a hallway lined with aluminum foil?

taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

RageRealoadz says:

Lol I love the little baby on the right

Kent Phillips says:

lol That baby was about to cry after he dropped his carrot.

mohammed alharbi says:

XD XD XD XD XD 😀 :))))

Raouf Fare says:

*opens youtube* , *sees recently watched vids*,

“well i just happen to have a camera, halo helmet, and 10 idiots lying around”

is this how this shit happens?

WillWongTV says:

Us asians gotta stick together, ya know?

Derek Atencio says:

Fucken black people lol

Chow Yip says:

Watch my sparklers version of the Harlem Shake!

Sam Beverley says:

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taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

Sharif Sadek says:

shaken baby syndrome on the right

Ree H says:

Omg then you watch tim…oh the irony!!

Gabriel Colo'n says:

check my version
on my channel

WillWongTV says:

Love, peace, skeet cheese, -TimothyDeLaGhetto

Ree H says:

ok WILL WONG….man there’s a lot I can say about you but i won’t

Jena Rozayy says:

& tay face tho! lmao!

Jena Rozayy says:

Lol you know Chaz & Cam brothers… they doing it exactly the same way! lol

Matthew Cox says:

The black Max Payne at the bottom of the screen

WillWongTV says:

who needs watermelon, grape drank or chicken when you got WAFFLES!

WillWongTV says:

Check out my harlem shake version, GLOW IN THE DARK EDITION, I’m not asking for much but to check it out. One of my YouTube goals is to reach 10,000 subscribers by this year, and with your help I know I can do it, thanks to all in advance 🙂

StrangeEncountersTV says:

LOL watch Obama do the Harlem Shake!!


Keith Solofa says:


crapi4got says:

“Just tryin’ to fuck these cakes, brah!”

mikeymouse1985 says:

Poor baby

Zaire MonachTv says:

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Jorge Martinez says:

Dude holding the baby was really having a seizure, swallowed his tongue, R.I.P.

jeremiah b says:

will smith??

Luis Cervantes says:

yum pancakes

Williams1425 says:

Tay funny a hell

MonkeyDLuphy1 says:

Waffles > pancakes

melad124 says:

The baby is like WTF

Cornell Veasey says:

haha black people

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