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Everybody’s twerkin’ for the weekend. The Original – v1 – v2 – v3 – v4 – See more FOLLOW us on FOLLOW us on:


Braeden D says:

Lol the guy drinking coffee.

Sean McGrath says:

Why do 90% of the guys in all these Harlem Shake videos default to violent pelvic thrusts?

eColiEspresso says:

Guy in the flannel dead center, just going to town humpin that keyboard lol

SmallT0wnGaming says:

That fine gentleman in the centre of everything… just humping a keyboard -.-

8jel1an7 says:

I mean Amir is middle to the left. With stripped hoodie on head

asomespydude says:

I love this shit

OurFamilyNest says:

Far right guy…PERFECT!!
Cant stop watching!!

We made one today too, CHECK IT OUT!
Michigan Family Style Harlem Shake!

8jel1an7 says:

He in the middle to the right with the stripped hoody over his head

jepreee says:

anyone else looking for amir?

Texas93 says:

alex watt is his name look him on tube

thebando5 says:

surprisingly, i approve.

itsthosethreegirls says:

we made one, not as good…but the elementary school basketball team got to watch me flail in a bikini…

Hipizzaman123 says:

The guy drinking water3

xMonkeyGamingx says:

Truest words on the screen of my computer.

JWflikz says:

come check out our version …trust me you will laugh 

TheKazekageOfSuna says:

I….must…..achieve…THIS GREATNESS. 

Zig Zang says:

/watch?v=joYxf0FaGXI Harlem shake SPONGEBOB

Drandai215 says:

Whitest people on the face of the planet.

Zyno Casino says:

Le 15-18 plante sont drapeau :noel:

Brandon Jones says:

Yeah hilarious

LazyBoxHD says:

Lol anyone notice the guy on the right chillin drinking his coffee

Jack Shriner says:

I like the girl in the front with the football helmet on, it reminds me of the “future” episode of sponge bob

awildmongoose says:

Has there been a top comment on this video that doesn’t have something to do with the guy on the right drinking something and occasionally raising his hand?

karl gredoña says:

damn hipster guy

Grae-Elyse Marino says:


nightfort240 says:

Angry bird dude is the best

nightfort240 says:

How do they do this video

HarlemSnake says:

Ironically the guy on the far right casually sipping coffee was the only one walking around before the beat dropped.

zellynloves says:

I like how the guy on the right is just standing there sipping on his coffee when everyone else is hopping around like mad.

ks1396ak says:

@tronjones4939 Filthy Frank. Just go to his channel.

UgliestGuyEver says:

The cane guy was the best

TheDjHah says:


tronjones4939 says:

Can someone explain to me where the harlam shake came from?

cleanLINHin says:

the girls version of harlem shake is the best 😉 but this one comes to a close second


or go to my channell!

Harlem Shake says:

We’re looking for THE BEST Shaker?!?

tiny url. com /HarlemShakeVids

Brandon Bernicky says:

Thanks collegehumor. You inspired this: /watch?v=KBx5vAbAmR8&feature=player_embedded High School edition.

alioto94 says:

Is that Amir with the Angry Bird head?

Kordell Stone says:

i like how in every single one of these videos at least one person is humping something

mrtechboy2000 says:

I like the Doctor Who photo on the desk.

Blu Bird says:

*Streeter calmly humps object*

musclerevivedotcom says:

Check this out: watch?v=jNDHzAaSSh8

Brandon Wizzard says:

I liked how the guy on the right did not danced but drank water

moviedeeva says:

Um, what is the dude in the plaid shirt with the keyboard doing?

Lemwell7 says:

Why does nobody ever do the Harlem shake in these

Freefalling4All says:


ZebraForceKid says:

I laughed hard until i saw this harlem shake vid from ksi watch?v=hGgr8ZbeNgQ

Bear necessities says:

lmfao the dude in the bkground with a box on his head haha

Robert Hentze says:

I did a skyrim version please come check it out!!!

Jared Citron says:

Creepy guy on the right staring at them dance……. Just a mother day

JosephCote27 says:

that dude drinking water and throwing in the occasional fist pump totally makes the whole goddamn video.

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