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Isaiah D says:

check out harlem shake v.BuckNasty that one is pretty damn funny

anastasia6702 says:

Wtf is Harlem style

xZjicex says:

The green storm troopers dance put me in a trance O.O

OurFamilyNest says:

Had to make one of our own!

We made one today too, CHECK IT OUT!
Michigan Family Style Harlem Shake!

kberg97 says:

the chick up top has alota armpit hair

ProjectGreenDoor says:

Just did a swimsuit version. Check out our page if you have a moment and like hot girls in swimsuits.

thebando5 says:

yes >>>>> /watch?v=50SfaO9TxpM

Zig Zang says:

/watch?v=joYxf0FaGXI Harlem shake SPONGEBOB

ehbaw nyaw says:

that guy’s playing by himself wtf

Chris Renshaw says:

start living instead of criticising.

MozeleyTribe says:

These fools just butchered the actual harlem shake….*tear*

luis sister says:


Shane Thomas says:

it’s calledd video nicotine maann u watch one vid then ur like oooo got to watch this vid then the video train goes till ur all slobering on ur computer then u hear ur parents yelling at u to shut of the computer. U look at the clock and 1am. Damn man utube like a cigarette.

HarlemSnake says:

Lol the guy on the unicycle!

janondorf48 says:

You must be fun at parties.

mariolopez420 says:

of course the chive ruins something cool

Anthony Rahal says:


musclerevivedotcom says:

Check this out: watch?v=jNDHzAaSSh8

Liz Perdomo says:


bulldog521521 says:

I swear, the most retarded things always go viral. People always try so hard for a viral video, when really all you have to do is record some fat guy falling or something and you’re a star.

bamsgirl5 says:

Omfg the guy riding the unicycle xD

RIvy1234 says:

for real!

Robert Hentze says:

I did a skyrim version please come check it out!!!

gunnar910 says:

Gets me very time lol!!!!

Pawel Ozga says:


stalker2121 says:

(In my Dave Chapelle Voice) the robot?!?

MT23bends says:

There’s just something about a thrusting Stormtrooper…

Danielle Rodas says:

ironheart619 says:

the world may never know

HoneyBadger7x says:

sub x sub pm me when done

Robert Hentze says:

I just uploaded a guitar version. Come check it out

Holy Bamia says:

BaAuEr – “Harlem Shake” New Video || 2013 || HD /watch?v=vMKwPaJCdGg

Holy Bamia says:

BaAuEr – “Harlem Shake” New Video || 2013 || HD /watch?v=vMKwPaJCdGg

Oh4werd says:

i jus made one check it out! lol the whole process of makin it is fun as hell….

this song>>>>gagnam style

1 says:

idk wtf this is. but im making one

RandomsDeagled says:

i make the harlem globetrotters do the harlem shake in the video on my channel 🙂

DeviinzaB3ast says:

do what you want when the bass drops

Taka Mura says:

Man i see this Harlem Bullshit everywhere on YouTube now…..Dafaq is this shit??

TheAngel22222 says:

i know a bit of since i live in new york. in the early 2000s it became a popular dance then on 2006 it became popular agian on a dj webster song i forgot it. now comes this harlem shake and idk about it but this is better for the reason that you just dance like you dont care

bookworm9825 says:

i watched like 20 of these

tokyosuni says:

lmao!! hahah they really are

tokyosuni says:

i know!! that’s what i’m trying to figure out!!! can someone please explain to me!

ohmykata says:

its a song by Baauer, an old school dance move..

Robert Hentze says:

I did a version just now. Please come check it out!!!

TomTom7017 says:

Chive On!!!!!

Chykeisz says:


solloman says:

Check out our version on my channel! You won’t be disappointed (Warning - Homo Alert)

Bryant Higa says:

Would have been hilarious if the dude on the unicycle crashed and knocked everything over.

kikiawilkins says:

Like video

drblack15 says:


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