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The Harlem Shake (With Your Very Own Actual Firefighters)


BC1Dan says:

You’re right, We should put more tax money into our education so hopefully the end product doesn’t end up with fucked up grammar…apparently like you did.

Antoine SouleD says:


JWflikz says:

come watch our version and you will laugh and see a dog get humped 

Qwahchees says:

The fuck LOL.

smallestredneck says:

My dad is a firefighter for San Antonio Fire dept. And he said that shit was funny, he’s gone show his captain this. Lol

shawn4shayloss says:

How the hell did you get Spider man to stop masturbating for this video??

1HolyMonkey says:

To all of you who sarcastically mentioned “tax dollars going to good use”… You do realize these are the guys running into the burning building as you run out!

We see death, sickness, and destruction on a daily basis. We need our comic relief just as much as, if not more than, the next person.

ghernandez55gh10 says:

That chicken! TROLOLOLO

Chiz Mackaroo says:

that Spiderman ..

Gabri3lGalaz says:

Better than them being used to buy a congressman a coked out, gay hooker.

ornithocatechu says:

LOL awesome!!!

rsrproductions says:

I laughed really hard at this one, definitely my favorite.

minely5885 says:


Mattizfatt says:

Shut the hell up about taxes. Half of you don’t even pay them

timer634 says:

USO awesome

jlamby3232xx says:

Taxes r going to such a good cause

CMihal6293 says:


Opebin says:

harlem shake in space.
only thing cooler than a fireman is an astronaut.

KTStull says:

They were probably volunteers sooooo your tax dollars aren’t being used at all

ncmazz13 says:

So this is what firefighters do on their free time

Brian Madray says:

He was douging ma nigga LMFAO

Evan Truett says:

nice to see our tax dollars finally put to good use

Richie G says:

@itsthosethreegirls stfu fat bitch stop spamming no one cares

Michelle Fajardo says:

Best one! By far hahaha

Jeff A says:

The irony is thick.

MasterMan0707 says:

What if there was a fire they were called to and they couldn’t take the time to change…

GamerxxJay says:

later that day news reports show wild forest fires burning half of america down

Bryan Roberts says:

I think I’ve seen enough of the Internet today

tristan2721 says:


Daniel Kazimierczyk says:

Uh what in the name of grenades is this?!?!?!?

Samer Qanadilo says:

yooooooo! seriously one after another

Gerard Piqué says:


icefire4114 says:

Jezz spiderman looks pretty buff XD

Gerard Piqué says:


Daniel S says:

didnt see that one coming.

itsthosethreegirls says:

we made one, not as good…but the elementary school basketball team got to watch me flail in a bikini…

CMihal6293 says:



Great video

xxedwincorexx says:

Captain walks in, uhmm turns into fire.

7xXSE7ENXx7 says:

lmao Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeet!

HotMessMissBee says:

Hahahaha wasn’t expecting that’s!

jojoseph1730 says:


maximo15 says:

no water to put out that FIRE!

Lucas Robles says:


sedanhousain says:

watch my harlem shake vid!

Johnny Berhane says:


Nick Gogle says:

OMFG A spider…

SupAura says:

Glad to know my country is safe [:

ManCityGuy16 says:

In action

ManCityGuy16 says:

Our heroes

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