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Just Messing about with my Maker Studios colleagues! Thanks for the idea SONG Baauer Harlem shake Buy on iTunes AND THE ORIGINAL filthy Frank and V2 WANT TO WORK FOR MAKER STUDIOS!!


XxMusicZone21xX says:

Lmfao wtf, had a good laugh.

MrBradster111 says:

I switched to porn because I thought it would be easier to explain when my parents walked in

123fatballs says:

stole it from frank

WaterNomin says:


Sierra Costas says:

Poor giraffe haha

FertFag says:

haha this one is great, check out ours we harlemed on the side of the road!

AllDayEveryday929 says:

that guy that fell off his bike is hilarious xD

Samuel Vidovich says:

I immediately noticed the man punching the inflatable giraffe. What a great video.

JonnysVideos says:

Does anyone know where this whole Harlem Shake thing came from? Where/when did it start?

jtfyou says:

Original is by Filthy Frank AKA DizastaMusic on YouTube

SuperKboy12 says:

when i looked to my left i went o_o

jcapx3 says:

Twerk team?

Mike Boone says:

Harlem Shake – Store Edition /watch?v=2EW19xCYfDg

Djenny Sk says:


jtfyou says:

Filthy Frank AKA DizastaMusic on YouTube

hobojoe017 says:

the really fat guy in the far back right just humping the air

LethalSemtex says:

god dammit. Theres so many things to look at in this video. Some guy humping the water cooler, someone punching a giraffe, even someone spazzing on the floor with what appears to be a iPad. Great video.

tuck5111 says:

hint look behind the giraff guy at the guy in the tan jaket and hes pro O_O

fiendishspring6gamer says:

0:24 I like how there’s just a man in the bottom right corner having a seizure

MegaHawk17 says:

What program for computer or phone can you use to edit videos lile this one

Hunterj321 says:

I want to murder who ever stared this….

Michael Magsliano says:

Love it! you’ve inspired us!!

Harlem Shake Server Edition!!

Harris Jr says:

Mine is pretty good I guess. Next time I’ll have more people.

JWflikz says:

come watch our version and you will see a DOG GET HUMPED …no joke 🙂

MisuDarKeXistenZ says:

Who knows maibe there is… dont google it xD

SilverRevolverMedia says:

casually punching a giraffe

Christina Lewis says:

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renthungo5444 says:

So fucking funny

StudMuffin670 says:

who ever disliked this video, does not understand awesomeness!!!!!

fernandocorona840 says:

Wtf did I just watch.

akamufu says:

I can’t stop watching this

crazyangel2008 says:

i can’t believe people are saying that this will beat gangnam style… this is the most fucked up thing on the internet… o.O

theguywholives007 says:

First party rock then gangnam style now the harlem shake. What are they going to bring back “she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie…”

Andrew Higgins says:

That poor Giraffe..

Lihas Smith says:

The Harlem Shake V10 (Couch Edition) …. type that in

TheRealDiMarcoco says:

I like the bill Clinton version lol

Danielle Rodas says:

josh curtin says:

to funny

A Cornish says:

The guy in the window…..

djcoolwhip176 says:

That poor pole all the way on the left lol

lollipop101349 says:

everyone on the right side totally cracked me up

jhonnyg2013 says:

Dude in the bottom right corner is goin H.A.M. lmao!

TheBKangsta says:

Love this? Try watching to Minecraft Edition!

723Clark says:

.. Can someone explain what the heck this is and how this came about? I see versions of it everywhere.

ProjectGreenDoor says:

Just did a swimsuit version. Check out our page if you have a moment and like hot girls in swimsuits. 

darkwolf328 says:

At first I thought this was some fad like Gangnam Style, but this…..this is beyond everything we know

matt swaggez says:

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mrdopeshoes says:


ProjectGreenDoor says:

Just did a swimsuit version. Check out our page if you have a moment and like hot girls in swimsuits.

joshua12297 says:

I know what he really meant. I was making a small joke because he’s getting mad at white people because of these videos. Its all just for fun and laughs.

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