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Hot Girls Hot Things presents our take on the Harlem Shake… this time with BIKINIS! What more could you ask for? *****OFFICIAL VIDEO***** Please do not use this video or the images contained without permission. They are owned by the individuals featured in the video, and any reproduction is considered an infringement of privacy and will be reported. Compilation features with a link to the original video are exempt. Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Hulk Hands Killin it on the Chair: @JNHill Batman & Champagne: @ThatBalli Pink Bikini chewin’ on her Rose: @merigirl8 Hula Hoop Master: @sarahkayolbert Our Tan Feathered American Flag: @nosheenphoenix Chocolate Princess Workin’ the Jump Rope: @milianideaira Star in the Yellow Bikini on the Pole: @1finebell Curly Blonde Splits Pro: @daniellecourter WE LOVE YOU BAAUER AND DIPLO! Thanks for the tweets! More videos coming soon!


mikelooove says:

Very nice girls. Excellent !

willthegame91HD says:


pavlac82 says:

Dislike for lack of HD!

Raymon Matt says:

scanks and hoes

Bob Jones says:

1567 subs, over 680k views.

Well played, indeed.

get1ready says:

i really like this harlem shake 😀 

ray ala says:

Don’t tell your mom get your sister to make another one

Kieran Parker says:

The front one on the right on that chair. my god she is fine and i would die happy if i knew her.

xXSKyDragonXx says:

OMG i called my sister and she just confirmed it WAS her i am so telling MOM!!!!

xXSKyDragonXx says:

i’m only 10 leave me alone =[

EKD penza says:


Eso Phagus says:

I am 12 and i am watching this 😀

Khong Tiger says:

น่าตลกมากครับ เพื่อนๆ

TheMamagayo says:


justinruff100 says:

Everyone who disliked this is a fag or a jealous cunt lol.

BXCDavid says:

Today I loved life.

YouHave0iQ says:

That’s Nice. Good 4 You.

Lam Dang says:

why not HD ?????

-HukeR- -Swede- says:


Noah M. says:

Who’s the girl in the pink fighting?

SolidRavenOcelot says:


LiverpoolfcEPL says:

small tits

missxchief says:


Urbanheckler says:

butthead: Come… to butthead

SkgIstMacht says:

nice one

Luke Argent says:

Everything about this video is just so right

DankDroBlunt1 says:

The girl in the yellow bikini… Damn…

Dragpk7 says:

The one hanging from the bench has my vote.

Liam Hallett says:

Best Harlem shake video

NewSignz says:

Best…Harlem Shake…ever TT^TT

DTS12250 says:

Awesome.jpg -> “change quality” (wanna 1080p) -> max ‘360p” -> Okay.jpg

MrIbee says:

What was this video about again….

glooseur says:

mon zizi vous dit merci.

TheRealNo1 says:

Idiot dolls doing Harlem Shake : watch?v=9hJrC-ry0O8

Bigsam250 says:

What homo flagged this video?

fatwolf15 says:

Goddamn!! I’d tap dat ass

Laursraul says:

Making young boys balls drop one shake at a time…

WillWongTV says:

Check out my Harlem Shake, GLOWING EDITION, waddup!

leadintheface says:

it’s best shake

ohs0intricate says:

can’t wait til i turn 18 so i can watch this

EmperialProductions says:

Lego Version!


ShermTank7272 says:


jesusbaby2012 says:

Guh I kno u wnt diz duuuuuaaaaahhhhh! lol

ProjectDv2 says:

I don’t give a damn if they take the bikinis off and do this nude…this shit needs to end, right fucking now.

enlfas says:

That girl humping the swing.

Markus Doehler says:

Hey everyone, I know everyone is making these but it would be sick if anyone checked out mine!

y0Raiku says:


tehpalls says:

the hottest one so far lmao

Protectereli says:

No one in motorcycle helmet? 1/10

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