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Harlem Shake Sexy Girls


MyUnknowBlog says:

/watch?v=uKG9QkeKjAU fap fap fap fap

FLONEL100 says:

Sexy Harlem shake say what…..

zymo cobarrubias says:

the chick with the mask has a black underarm

Shufflemate90 says:

girls look so unsexy when doing this, i have no idea why i should fap to that or anything…

Adriatik Bolevic says:

Especially the last one.

Adriatik Bolevic says:

No this is what Lesbian Origia is meant for. Nananan nanana. They do the Harlem Origy. nanahnanan. Como Origiaaa.

dezinhailey says:

where the hell are these girls from on the last one O_O i wanna party like that!

glaw101 says:

Damn these hoes are lame, can’t wait till some hot chix finally make one

buttheadsmoney says:

Second one girl in the chair is hot love the shoe

mohammed almahrooqi says:


okljoo says:

Seriously where are all these girls? I bet every mans thinking which is including myself lol

Dontdisstheguy33 says:

where was the last one from??

freelilwayne1 says:

damn last one

Fraiiizzeee says:

Last Harlem it’s “spaceman of Madagascar- hardwell”

newbie689 says:

Less Harlem shake more being in the kitchen lol jk

MarkyMarkTalk says:


Alex Graham says:

second was best

Robert Alexander says:

530 likes = ++++++++girls

SkratchProds says:

Didn’t know we could watch porn on Youtube..

emre esen says:

they arent dancing they are dreaming to fuck

MegaSouthpark24 says:

Is that bad I have a boner?

Abigail Perez says:

Yuck. HAHAHA Awesome.

Adriatik Bolevic says:

Nananaaanana Como Origya.

Adriatik Bolevic says:


hvgarcia65 says:


georg holz says:

Good girls doing there chores 😉

Dama sukser says:

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VeganzRh0t says:

Oh lawdy LAWD! DAMN I love white girls!

mikygtr says:

Id fuck all these girls

D3monic91 says:

Dat Ass 😐

Lyndall Clancy says:


pseudoweapon says:

So this is why the house is never clean….

eclipsegts42 says:

God damn you thumbnail…you’ve tricked me for the last time!

Jeff Conde says:

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Jeibher Ramirez says:

They are not sexy they are just fat girls!

Eber Paul Alegria Torres says:

Este video me hizo confirmar mi edad.

Andrew Brown says:

Chuck Norris does not fap. He fucks every girl on the planet once a month – that is why they bleed.

Andrew Brown says:

I had to go through age verification to watch this shit? I was expecting some boob maybe a little bit of minge too.

lee gavi says:

Oh shit! This is so erotic!

Chuck Norris says:

Chuck Norris stop fapping like a bawss!

lutfi ardhian says:

stupid one

Daniel Davis says:

This is my favourite Harlem Shake.

Angel Lopez says:

Por alguna extraña razon creo que es fap time

Indigo Rosetta says:


Centot Tot says:

One of the best harlem shake I’ve ever watched :).. super sexy

ApExGamingclan says:

is the girl at 1:18 wearing underwear?!

esinar98 says:

Pause at 1:43. You’re welcome.

Caten Cras says:

Like. [Just for the ass.]

Adrian Li says:

Come check out my kung fu edition harlem shake!

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