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THIS IS THE ORIGINAL! Harlem shake. Army style. ——————————– Hooly Crap. Almost 10 million views !! That’s just absurd ! haha. But thanks to everyone who replied, and subscribed to my channel. Check out my latest tune on Youtube: Follow me on: Soundcloud: Twitter: Instagram: @Kennethaakonsen Facebook: Thanks again! 🙂


mylove1588 says:

yep, and he still kept dancing, lol

BEARtheJEW says:

great things. thats what.

Jin Kim says:

Denmark pride. these guys have it

Milly Bella says:


braywolf169 says:

Goodbye, Gangnam Style. I will miss you.

Alyssa Tomlinson says:

what the fuck has the internet come to

Belle22285 says:

somebody forgot their pants lol..

Wazien Hasif says:

hahahahahah,i did XD

ipooinyourface andyourmoms says:

what is the 1st harlem shake?

Josh Long says:

Look at the top left, they guy is suffocating 0.0

Dsharpe25 says:

In soviet Russia bass drops you !

odane1234567890 says:

i did not, thank u for pointing that out lol.

Liam Sutton says:

what. I don’t even. what.

Tibet Deger says:

Bu dans mıdır ne sikimse yayında ve yapımda emeği geçen her ibnenin ta amına koyuyum.

TigerStryk says:

Norway: F*CK YEAH

Kevin Genon says:

~ haha!

Kimmy Howell says:

soooo, these r the guys who protect and serve…interesting

CammyRussell says:



thumbs up!!

latios19latias says:

See when the guy falls out of the window? Look at the guy behind him.
Dem legz <3

IxHACKx4xUxANDxME says:

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randomenesspie says:

this one is the best harlem shake by far!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Zuiss says:

~~Check out the locker room version~~

blueman3129 says:


SteweyLemieux says:

That does not mean they won. They lost the war, or campaign more so however for the Norwegians their war was more or less over. Besides, it doesn’t matter about semantics on what constitutes a loss in war, they have lost multiple wars in the past against Sweden.

zaynaanime says:

…Norway? O.O

DidzTheBoss says:

fint å se at all skatten vi betaler går til noe konstruktivt 

silver10719 says:

he didn’t meant to do it but i am talk about who dancing funny

LaMalvada27 says:

Don’t forget the guy who fell off the window 🙂

kurami13 says:

You are all crazy!!! XD
Love it!

blueman3129 says:

or the guy without pants jumping

blueman3129 says:

what about the guy with the flag who falls out the window

kreightivemetal says:

yes, theres two.

Am4lie13 says:

So proud of my country! ALT FOR NORGE


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WhiterThanYall says:

This one’s actually funny, but I’m still mad cuz I thought the army was better than this

silver10719 says:

but these two are better and make me laugh loudly

Danielle Rodas says:

silver10719 says:

but these two are better and make loudly laugh

WadeBrownOfficial says:

Check out my version of The Harlem Shake Dance Off Edition, it’s epic!

ZeroSixZeroFour says:


dustin Myskiw says:

did any body catch the guy falling out of the window lol!!!

KnJSandwich says:

meanwhile in Norway

Mary Sanders says:

Omg when the guy fell out the window I died

[S.C.F.C]Naara Souza says:


Krystal Mcgee says:

anyone else notice that guy had no pants on?

EdgySniper says:

Well. America won’t have to worry about Australias military anymore.

IlySAmuffaBE says:

let me guess, next ganam style?

dustin Myskiw says:

did anybody catch the guy falling out of the window

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