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Buy album LIGHTNING on iTunes: Matt and Kim and audience Harlem Shake in Troy New York at RPI Field House. Harlem Shake is an amazing track by Baauer! http


JustAJinshi says:

God DAMN Kim goes hard.

Jure Hramus says:

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Nir Menashe says:

plz watch my harlem shake version too ! 😉

jezequeltristan71 says:


GDedition says:


Jose Mendez says:

Harlem Shake watch?v=SX0VuYiHQx0

LaGardeni says:

Hy ,
Please watch on my channel!
I created “Harlem Shake (Crazy doctor version)”
look here :
Thanks :)

stymiekg143 says:

@PIPELINEhunt What’s your time zone?

KarookieCovers says:

Watch ours please. :D

boriking9381 says:

tomorrow as in 12 oclock already tomorrow i think that would be hilarious lol

PIPELINEhunt says:

GUYS, my GF’s birthday is tomorrow and she’s always PO’d because everyone always forgets it’s her birthday. Here’s her number: 402-681-2378. I want EVERYONE that sees this to text her happy birthday, please help me by making it her best B day she could possibly have

Girlfland says:


cartoonchic123 says:

I love Matt and Kim! Best Harlem Shake video ever!!

Firstforheart says:

Like and Share ^^

hardkorejackson says:

 THE HARLEM SHAKE KILLER… the best harlem shake video to kill every other one. /watch?v=p0Ygbwy07Oo&sns=tw

James Thomas says:

Hey:) Check out our version! Its wayy funny! youtubeDOTcom/jamesthomaspro

Styles P'yall says:

that’s it! I’m done watching Harlem Shake videos cuz no one can top this

Danang Setiabudi says:

watch?v=jZBE-1L0244 harlem shake and look funny!!!!!!

Carson Hart says:

My friend just posted a new Harlem Shake video!!! Please check it out, he did a great job on it! :D (visit) Harlem Shake (Clipit Films Style) **Like So People can see**

rubydawndevine says:

Amost as cool as JM

ThePride110 says:

Check out the Harlem Shake videos on my channel that me and my friends made in a minivan and in a movie theater. LOL!

ianfabian321 says:


MiaNewsChannel says:


recov3ry33 says:


punjabiboomers says:

watch?v=fYaGbIJ5NTo WATCH THIS ONE!!!

MrRandomBRO says:

there’s not enough people in this one

Chloe Cray Cray says:



I find it weird how the ‘Let’s Go’ Music video has a half of million views and this managed to get 9 million.

TiTi Tee says:

This one’s pretty cool!!! Almost as cool as this. . .­I

ABRisthestandard says:

Nono, I know it’s just for fun. I just don’t get it I guess.

Michelle Obama says:


MissJaydeeJay says:

Great!! Check out Harlem Shake London Lounge edition.Great kids in it-very funny!! Thanks

JaysWarRoom says:

Lol @ This “Washing Machine Remix”

Josh van Leeuwen says:

**Please go check out Harlem Shake vantastic version**

imAndrew12 says:

It’s in spanish 🙂

newsin1minute says:


HarlemShake633 says:­277395985724768

like Harlem Shake FB PAGE

tylershemwell01 says:

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RivolT1992 says:

Call Of Duty Black Ops ll – Harlem Shake : /watch?v=m8mEC0jqHsY

letsbeamazeing says:

Damn wish I could have made it to troylet

mostlyconcept says:

This happens to be the only Harlem Shake video i’ve enjoyed. I love Matt and Kim, that’s why. I too, feel bad for Harlem Shakes (an actual band)…

newsin1minute says:

The Best Harlem Shake MTB Downhill Edition !

funnyboy1137 says:

ofc :)

brooklynnluvzpugz says:

I’d rather watch jake miller. Just sayin.

Bart Simpson says:

Go Check Out the Skydive Harlem Shake On My channel Now !!! It Beats This one By Far!!

ThePride110 says:

Check out the harlem shake videos on my wall that me and my friends made in a movie theater and in a minivan

Carlos sosa says:

/watch?v=DABphlXEyW8 check my channel

antonio vazquez says:


vincenzo carlone says:

google search: minervino sara tommasi

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