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Watch as Ellen takes the belly dancing class that she bought on From belly dancing to dinner dates, find cool Daily Deals in your area at


Ana Mendez says:

Like if you tried to learn how to belly dance from this video

Amanda Ortiz says:


rose15798 says:

if you do not find ellen funny, i’m simply sure you are not a fun person…

TanayaAlpaiwalla says:

I came to watch one video at 8, its now 4 in the morning.
Ellens like a a good way 🙂

Taylor Miller says:

Go Ellen

Lucinda Jane says:

I swear I almost passed out from laughing so hard at that point!!!

Hello44882 says:

112 don’t know how to belly dance….

ana jenkins says:

I Love you Ellen!! you are the best

T24R18C25 says:

ellen is the fucking best!

Clobeee says:

I’ve been wathing Ellen videos for 3 hours O.o

chuonlinda93 says:

Oh Ellen?????

ashley ramirezz says:

I love Ellen lol

Pavel Scepka says:

if you are confident enough, then you have no shame

helloniyi says:

2:27 “I feel like one of those things outside a car dealership” LOL, it kills me!!!!

Selph94 says:

My name is Rosalba too!!!!!! omg

thechoklatdoll1 says:

Ellen Is Hilarious!!

Ro Henderson says:

Oh Ellen, You’re an awesome Belly dancer!!Hahaha

Odeeshk says:

Omg Ellen your so adorable

Summer Kammoun says:

what on earth are you talking about. What is a chutch?????
She was saying that there is nothing shameful in what she is doing. And you are making the same statement but saying her point is medival? That’s why she has 248 likes and you have none, because you dont make any sense

Chedr89 says:

Ellen looks like she a crippled trying to walk

Laura Cartee says:

Well.. that escalated quickly…

Karmen Lelkesova says:

check out my belly dance :)

marvellouspiece says:

reminds me of someone… Mrs. Doubtfire?

JeAlleeSuis says:

I love Dory <3

kamella77 says:

I love Ellen

tiffanyvitale88 says:

porcia is probably having the time of her life watching you belly dance I no I sure did

scelinee says:

I love Ellen so much xDD

iranlady88 says:

Ellen you’re awesome!!! 

Madoka Mitsui says:

For a second I thought Ellen had a belly ring..
I love Ellen 😀 xx

2ermelinda2 says:

these are the basic moves of  belly dance…

2ermelinda2 says:

welll if u will read once again elena’s comment u will notice that she didnt offended ellen she was just saying that ellen its awesome coz she just dont care what other people would think about her she just make fun …read well the comment before u offens other one..

Asadova Anna says:

You stupid bitch, go burn your chutch. There is nothing shameful in dancing and having fun. Your point of view is medival.

Asadova Anna says:

Shut that hole, boy.

percyluv1 says:

work it girl!

anonimouze123 says:

I did not need to see that


go ellen

leyla99ful says:

when i look ellen i have feeling it’s niall horan

MusicNotes113 says:

Shame you can videos once XD

jules201222 says:

The guy from Mike and Molly was in the audience!

Lilia Brahimi says:

This is arabic dance… not ”belly dance”

ahmed sami altimimi says:

that wasn’t belly dance, that was silly dance.

Fahad Alanazi says:

this arabic dance not Belly dance

Jay S says:

the first move she taught Ellen is called a maya…

Melissa W says:

damn it Ellen I have a spanish test tomorrow

lafemmedancer says:


jomanah46 says:


StarFire4433 says:

Dont get all one direction on me now….lol

MzD158 says:

Ellen is PERF

707Cookiez says:

Blue looks very pretty on her.

Daniela Stylinson says:

i thought the lady said “70 years” :O

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