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Egyptian Style Belly dance by Zaheea


billysurfer90 says:

However the girl is gorgeous and, seems relaxed and having fun…

billysurfer90 says:

All I know about what happens in this dance is boob shakes and ass shakes….

11strelokfan1000 says:

That is excellent dancing to very catchy music.

hujowany says:

that is some great music.

Alessia Müller says:


Rob Clark says:

Beautiful. Obvious that the artists care about the art, and the dance can move the soul.

apple16boo says:

Your right. And it doesn’t really depend on what your skin color is. 🙂

filEcanaeh says:

how can Arabs be Caucasian if they are not from the Caucasus region? if you mean caucasian as in “white” then yes there are light skinned Arabs.

Sam Harris says:

zaheea said that she doesn’t dance like this anymore and she gives kudos to the person who posted it this video.

Sam Harris says:

not difficult for me to spot at all. If you watch enough belly dancers and also study the dance you can spot pretty quickly.

Sam Harris says:

turkish is a lot of twirls not a lot of arm movements, a lot of zill use and costumes are more fuller skirts. Egyptian is considered the most elegant of belly dance, more restraint is shown in the dance. Hardly any floor work compared to turkish belly dance and the music is on a 4 beat rhythm while turkish can have a 9/8 rhythm. Less use of zills in egyptian and more arm movement is shown and not as much twirling either. Didem does modern Turkish, very technical almost robotic, rather boring

butterflyroma says:

el mohim, mabrook. congratulations are in order. you diss people on youtube where no body cares what you write or even sees. Hope you feel good about yourself! Go get a life.

ayeth ayethani says:

وليش الفلسفة؟ اللون العدبي نفس لون ارقاصة احناكذا 

redfrogger2u says:

I love her coquetishness

butterflyroma says:

no im not jealous at all. im proud of being arab even though my skin is not dark.

ayeth ayethani says:

that ur a dull casper creature who could be mistaken for cum-skin?

goddessvioletta1 says:

Also, if you haven’t already, check out Tribal fusion too. It’s a newer form of bellydance that started in California. It’s not traditional by any means, but it’s still very cool. Men can do it too!

goddessvioletta1 says:

There are different “signature” moves and postures. As well as costuming and music. In my eyes, the dancers put all individual moves together so fluidly, it’s difficult to see them.

Ma Puketapu says:

thanx she the dance everything awesome

butterflyroma says:


faroan00 says:


fuegomamacita says:

stupid question incoming: what makes such a huge difference in the types of bellydancing I.e.: turkish belly dancing, egyptian, didem etc…is it just the type of music played is it the nationality of the dancer or are there specific moves only used in certain genres of the belly dancing community?

Ekehutz SwEL says:

this rocks!

Sean Morsi says:

Simly, just original Egyptian music and dance, tnx Zaheea, back to original………..

ssibhah says:

I’ve seen better.

ayeth ayethani says:

even ur race is mixed with niggers and hispanics now,,, being an arab is better than being a white ass casper or cum-skin

ahmedzs1 says:

true, young rural girls in Egypt know how to dance like 6-7 years old. But people dont like to show it in front of men. Only family and husband etc.

butterflyroma says:

LOL arabs are a mix of a bunch of coloured skin, you can’t exactly categorize them as caucasian or something else. its kinda jumbled

xMelfina says:

Best so far I’ve seen.

fox87703 says:

Love it…simply adorable…

ihaveanewattitude says:

You better not let them hear you say that. Also, the white elites won’t like to hear that either. The dark ones are “dark caucasians” and the light ones are “white”. If you have an argument with that, argue with the Arabs and the white establishment, not me. I’m just the messenger so please don’t shoot me.

Sam Harris says:

no because some are mixed with african blood

ihaveanewattitude says:

Well, there’s always a first time for everything. So now you can’t say you’ve never heard of the term, caucasian arabic. Arabs are caucasian, aren’t they?

Giorgio Micheli says:

Zaheea, you are fantastic! Wonderful music and performance. God bless you!

Libyanohawk says:

The Art of nowadays is just a kind of sexual pleasures, and this was not the reason for the invention of this type of dance by Arabs, spirituality had a prominent role in the past, but dry and hard material life today has changed people’s tastes, all types of dance you see today had anything to do with spirituality and high human values, its just linked to enticement and sexual stimulation in order to make money. Humanity today lives its decadence and death era.

Libyanohawk says:

I’m not talking about dancing in general, I am talking about this kind of dance, it is very complex and has nothing to do wid fertility and birth, Abbasid State’s artists was unconcerned about fertility, its was already strong, they were concern about the performance quality, because princes and people want to enjoy the art of (body and soul), the Arabs at that time and according to their comprehension and talents invnted this supernatural physical performance, (food of body and soul ).

Sam Harris says:

here is a little secret to how to get the shimmy with out to much jiggle. You plant your feet on the ground and slightly bend them, then you have your back straight but not to stiff and then you move your knees back and forth, the thing is the shimmy is in the legs not in the hips so much and it stays isolated to the hips and not the stomach the faster you move your knees back and forth, feet planted on the ground and knees bent. you can find youtube videos of how to shimmy 🙂

Sam Harris says:

Amen! Egyptians are the masters of belly dance and I don’t think anyone can compare to them!

Sam Harris says:

omg they have made some of the costumes look so good that you can’t even tell the belly dancer’s navel is covered, because the netting has become so fine. A lot of times you can’t even tell they are covered

Sam Harris says:

No he is correct it’s the oldest recorded dance in history that is why it is said to be the oldest dance spanning several thousand years. All dance evolves over time. The belly dance of 50 years ago known as the golden era of belly dance is different but I appreciate more because it’s so classical and beautiful in it’s style. Classical Egyptian from egypt is very different from the cabaret in america, believe me. I’ve been belly dancing for 12 years.

Sam Harris says:

Girlie you have the best belly dance teachers in the world there! pheww if I could study with any teachers it would be like raqia hassan or tito seif amazing teachers!

Sam Harris says:

there is no such thing as caucasian arabic seriously I have never heard such a weird term

MszBeautyQueen says:

I can’t even do all of that

Shawn Hernandez says:

this is so awsome and she looks sexy!

sandeepsingh061476 says:

God bles u ledy

aneliqq says:

She is very beautiful! Nice dance,music and a lot of energy = lovely!

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