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Someone asked — Do you ever get embarrassed when making a girl fart fetish video, that your farts may smell horrible? Do you feel bad that the person on the other end has to smell that, how do you find people willing to be on the recieving end of a face fart video?f


thesocalclimatesucks says:

How do you keep yourself from accidentally shitting all over the person you are farting on in your vids? And just out of curiosity have you ever had an accident like that in a video before?

Jazzman2020 says:

What’s the mixing measurements for this drink? I just told my girlfriend about my fart fetish and she’s warming up to idea of doing it in front of me but doesn’t like foods that cause gas. So I was wondering what the mixture measurements are for the drink you’re talking about is, so she can try it out. I want her to try it out, but don’t want her stomach to explode by having too much baking soda. Thanks!!

girlfart7 says:

I love how open minded you are Kelsey. :3

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