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danca de creu, by mc creu, this is a weird sexy brazilian funk song that was a huge hit in 2000 in brazil, i try to clean it up for my class but there is some nasty vids here of this dance lolz


monikareyesmr says:

Who sings this song??

BURNBABYBURN070288 says:

It’s Danca de creu

CVanessa2 says:

voces dançando funk são hilarios ! HAHAHAHAH ‘

Krazii3Travii3za13 says:

I love this song. Is the best. The dance itself is very sexy. <3 Eu amo funk do brazil!

CaramelMamiChula says:

creu was the hit on 2008,not 2000 so get it right

shellypartwellington says:

limewire has tons of this brasil funk and axe’ Xo beijos!

dynmite09 says:

hi i also have been trying to look for this song is there any way u could possible send me this song… or tell me where i can find it .

thanks.. from NM

kjart03 says:

juan were did you find the song I have been looking for it can u send it to me please!

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