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Introducing, The HOTTEST NEW BRAZILIAN dance fitness “RIO” Get ready to change your routine as you dance like never before to this Brazilian & Latin Fusion. Reshape your body, as you learn how to move to today’s HOTTEST dance mix! REAL, INTENSE, OUTCOME!


Kary.morales pachona says:

oye me gustaria estar en tu clase deverias de hacerlas por internen pon tu un horario para conentarnos porfis piensalo es que yo no salgo mucho de casa por mis hijos vivi en los angeles y viendo tus video me encato pero seria genial que diario dieras una clase por internet ojal puedas gracias

Azita Jalali says:

hej jeg er sød<3<3

mybow01 says:

Hey there, have you heard of “Belly Fat Quencher” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a useful free video. It helped Marcia to reduce her belly fat. I hope it helps you also.

karianiscorrea says:

omg muy lejos , but i will go one day …<3

riolatinimpact says:

We are located in Miami, Florida my friend. Come join us 😉

karianiscorrea says:

donde estan uvicados ? were r u located at ??

kellyraekm says:

Love this one!!

riolatinimpact says:

Gracias, amiga pelo apoyo, muah 😉

tamara fernandez says:

buenisimosss todosss tus videos… encantan los mire a todos ……..ya los pongo en practica….exelente gracias por subirlos …interesantisimossss 🙂

riolatinimpact says:

Gracias,mi amiga, muah 😉

Karina Lopez says:

Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa este baileeeeeeeeeee

Karina Lopez says:

Me encantan sus rutinas muy originales”’

Gerald Gowe says:

I respect you guys for making working out for even the big girls fun. I’m a skinny african boy but still much respect. You will all deserve the killer bodies you get at the end.

riolatinimpact says:

Thank you for your opinion my friend to each is own. I agree with you 100% with the eating healthy I am the first one to suggest that to my RIO CHALLENGERS. But in ref to NO more affective than any other, I REALLY suggest you come and try RIO come as my guest and you will then tell me the after affect. thank you again my friend just keepin it RIO 😉

SM385 says:

I really don’t think I want a teacher behind me pointing to my butt. This form of exercise is no more effective than any other- you have to eat less, bottom line.

riolatinimpact says:

Hello my RIO DALLAS TEXAS peep, muah 😉 thank you soo much for your RIO support you ROCK THE RIO WAY!! RIO TEAM is scheduled for a RIO EXPO in April contact us on fb for more info on this EXPO to Texas. FB Liz riolatinimpact or rio.realintenseoutcome. Keep it RIO my friend it does a body RIOGREAT! muah 😉

Sheniqua Miller says:

Hey im very very very interested in comin to one of your classes i love your interactions with other people in order to keep them goin.. im in Dallas texas.. we need to link up cause im serious bout sheddin 100 lbs and toning up . i have a body that needs to be rediscovered 

Jahid Rahman says:

Hi, have you heard of “Belly Fat Blaze” (search on Google for it)? On their website you will find a helpful free video. It helped Sonya to lose her belly fat. Hopefully it helps you also…

riolatinimpact says:

Hello my RIO friend my outfits are make in Brazil for me. We will be having RIO GEARS for sell RIOSoon my friend. check us out on fb riolatinimpact LIZ thank you for the RIO Support, muah 😉

Keiri Kirian says:

Dear Liz where do you buy your nice outfits? Thank you!

riolatinimpact says:

Hello my friend, thank you for the reguest. Our RIO technigues/ steps are based on a HIGH fitness military intense style dancing focusing a lot on abs, buttucks and high endurance. We burn 1000 plus calories in one hour with lots of squat / floor moves. If you continue looking at all our Class videos on youtube you will distinguish the difference. Check us out on fb riolatinimpact Liz. RIO stands for Real

mrsaliciab says:

This really good but what is the difference between rio and zumba?

Gabriel Machado says:

the name of music is “créu” of “mc creu”

riolatinimpact says:

thank you my RIOfriend, muah 😉 congrats on your new RIOBunddle of joy, Blessing to you new born. Also glad to hear that RIO is working out for you. Our fb is rio.realintenseoutcome or riolatinimpact Liz. Our DVD hopefully to come out the beginning of the NEW YEAR my friend., muah thank you for the RIOsupport you ROCK THE RIO WAY 😉

acoreana89 says:

Hi love, when is your DVD coming out? I’ve tried to look for you on FB but the email you have shared with us, does not work. If you could copy your fb link and share to us. I am Portuguese myself and I love musica funk. I so wish my gym classes was like this and especially to have an instructor like you lol. It would deff keep eveyone motivated and that’s exactly what I need. I recently gave birth so I want your DVD as soon as it come out and PLEASE keep us posted! 🙂 Beijos Xo Xo 😉

riolatinimpact says:

yes, we have to motivate them some RIOWAY! 😉 muah 😉

riolatinimpact says:

Thank you , I love it tooo. come join us my RIO Friend 😉 rio.realintenseoutcome or riolatinimpact Liz ;-)

sweetcery says:

Very very good job!!! I love danca do creu!!!

mariluzumba says:

what is the name of the song? I like that choreagraphy good job

riolatinimpact says:

lol thank you will do, the RIO WAY!!! 😉

arsenaly9 says:

lol what a cool coach !!!! .. keep slapping their asses haha

RhaGuzenski says:

dança do creu

RhaGuzenski says:


Inabastable says:


riolatinimpact says:


erick nieto salazar says:


riolatinimpact says:

Thank you, come join us. Also look us up on fb [email protected]. Keeping it RIO 😉

Belkis Thunder says:

This is great

riolatinimpact says:

I love you tooo, muah!!! ;-) It’s the creu song. Keepin it RIOOOOOOOO 😉

selenuh03 says:

love her ! what is this song called ?

Linethlabella says:

What is the name of th song?

riolatinimpact says:

It’s a RIO WORK OUT my RIO FRIEND, and I’m A RIO instructor, thank you for the RIO SUPPORT , YOU ROCK!!!! come join us we are in Miami, FLORIDA! Keeping it RIOOO 😉



riolatinimpact says:

Shout to my RIO peeps in CANADA you guys ROCK thank you soo much for the RIO SUPPORT, MUAH 😉 I love Shakira 😉

riolatinimpact says:

Awh, thank you!!!! 😉 keeping it RIOOOOOOOOOOOO 😉

hernandez xiomara says:


riolatinimpact says:

– Thank you, it’s called keepin IT RIOOOOOOOOOO! REAL

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