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On the street in Guadapari (Brazil, New Years). This is like THE song of summer 2007/2008 here. The kid on the bike sells CDs and these guys just were dancing to it. we saw things like this several times, guys doing this dance to this song on the streets or in thier hotel balconies


Rodney Santos says:

vc é qual dos feios?

nickyjam770 says:


taiobawar says:

Aew,quero minha reconpensa pelo video,afinal,sou um dos retardados que está dançando…aushauhsuahsuahs
vlw!!! abraço
esse ano estamos la de novo hein

justwannahavfun19 says:

its not Guadapari, its GUARAPARI!

taiobawar says:

who and the owner of this video has more? part of this blue and yellow
eu fao group of.
se voc I had more video orders a messagem please to me!

taiobawar says:

opaa… aki kem eo dono desse video ae tem mais !?
po eu faço parte dessa galera de doido ae
de VNI se tiver mais algum video me fala ae na moral !!

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