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The funk Dança do Créu invented by MC Créu took Brazil (and more specifically Rio) by storm this summer.


SIRLU10ENT says:

Built like a Rhino!

viciousxharminex says:

God that is a big as n shes not chubby usually to have a butt that big u have to have some fat on u but her omg thin waist n thick legs n asssssss

12megatokyo says:

id go right up to her nd let her grind on me all day!

Derrick Kirwa says:


xXohshittacosXx says:

that ant dancing is flapping her fat

JAIMITO789 says:

daaam … just wanna fuck her

brenteria100 says:

her ass is huge it looks like its gonna blow lol but she dose know how to move

robnice777 says:

She’s off the chain…..but they still can’t move like them sistaz!!!!!

Shin Riven says:

WOW U all need to Import some of those things

miggidymark says:

that beat reminds me of the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!

talochat says:


talochat says:


nephthes1 says:

When she pumps the air a little before 0:25 she could be the new Ms. Gay Brazil

SwaggerLikeUz says:

Shes A Freakin Specimen’ Back that Thang Up.. “Slow Motion fo Me” lol

jstblz05 says:

bet those thighs could crush a walnut

niteholler says:

 There’s nothing wrong with a 4.75 inch hard penis!!

GPizzle85 says:

Ridiculous CAKES !

solehass says:

I’m goin to Brazil!!!!

biancaebony says:

fuckkkkk man thats one huge bitch

504travis89 says:

hahaha lol that was funny

deagla2 says:

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MajorSexy21 says:

That girl is thicker than a snicker!

FaceInTheBooty says:

get a new camera

yayoi84 says:

hot ass

kabol69 says:

have mercy!!!

EatonOSdribble says:

boys and girls come out to play

chattybox says:


YunGSparKEnT says:

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SuperRondell says:

No stamina you need practice! now shake them Damn Cheeks!

stv176 says:


kaisermane says:


niteholler says:

that chick would love for me to be banging that Big Booty Doggystyle with my 4.75 inches of hard dick!!!

AdrikeiPonto says:

That’s just fat. a Meaty ass wouldn’t shake like that.

Hugo Rebal says:

This girl is “Mulher Melancia”,from Rio de Janeiro.

Ruben Desane says:

shhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got a fat azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yoooooooooooooooo

CaramelMamiChula says:

alica keys dont dance,do u mean j.lo or beyonce or shakira?

CaramelMamiChula says:

its que dios te bendiga and shes not hispanic,shes brazilian and brazlians speak portuguese.

David Carvalho says:

so anabolizantes

merfissa says:


lasplumas9 says:

shit you guys are small i got me a 6.50

akarko says:


joceeco says:

all that ass, and she don’t even know how to move it!

scorpiosbitetoo says:

cant dance nor have any ass at all

yamejanakaratoprak says:

Such a shame that her face is too beautiful for that big fucking ass; she should have an ugly face so you can concentrate on that piece of ass

BreakYoself007 says:

that thing is massive!

INN01 says:

I need a latina like that, she thick and she can fuck

Salvianow says:

No question in my mind….that latin women are the hottest….and by far the most fun….on this planet.

merfissa says:

You got me beat by 4 inches!

orfeomatias says:

is she real?

niteholler says:

she neds to bounce that butt on my 4.75 inch hard dick!!!

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