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Video by Leh Chaos and Gih Klaxons.


Darkdeath250 says:

Im sure girls were having orgasms watching him do this haaha kidding 😉

Rockychicklucky13 says:

Hahaha loosen up your legs;) you dance so timid

Julie Moon says:

LoL he looks like he doesnt know any of the dance moves 😀 LOL but he is cute<3

DanaeRaWwrs says:

this song makes me angry :@ but ice dance xD

andysixxlover77 says:

i wanna kill that song

1041195jsv says:

kul emo video

terrificterrorable says:

@CrystalicFlame the ferrots must die @_@

Angstefreak says:

Мда… ну и песенка!>_<

bleedingheart1909 says:

very hot dancing 

Bruno Ramos says:

Mais q
Poha é
Essa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Um EMO Dançando Funk ….

Hikaiyen says:

i think he meant at this moment in the video (:

howe1119 says:

das ist geil

isaacownz says:


flufiiii says:

-kills myself for being Portuguese- ._. CRÉÉÉU x_x

CrystalicFlame says:

i dont even remember writing this lol

isaacownz says:

thats violent

HotPunkGirl111 says:

omfg freakiiii  xDD

greendaymr says:

no he’s 19 😉

nessabeaner says:

He’s 19?

Sylvia Kamani says:

Chris Dakota is 16 now lol

xXemOrangeXx says:

Hehe it’s called “Dança do Créw” watch?v=QUG_SZ4PvCg

Musickiddoww says:

You know this songs name ? xD
tell meeee =D

ksianaLove says:

omg chris is sooo kute

KamiNoVoice says:

omg XDDD chris XD

MilfyJayne says:

he dances like a sim nom

MilfyJayne says:

its his old hairrr ^^

TheOracle1100 says:

what the fuck did he do to his hair!?!?! O__O

BlackVeilBridesFan15 says:

so cute*^^

TheCutyprincess says:

that’s cute….^^

StoneColossus says:

Yes, that’s his old haircut.

devlin0497 says:

is that really chris???

mamabear1970 says:

ugliest hair style i have ever seen

xXemOrangeXx says:

Hehe i know this song :p
i’m not gay, but i love Chris! x)

nowtakeonthis says:

that’s what makes it so cute xD

AnnaAutocollant says:

ehm; its not good XD

OliOUTRAGE says:

I love Chris Dakota.
Ive been lucky enough to stickam with him n-n
ohgosh, he doesnt look like this anymore,
and he tood his piercings out D; i guess, everyone does grow up.
hes way different now.
but i still love him 🙂

rawritskatherine says:

awe, so cute. 🙂

XxDotDotCurveLoverxX says:

i really want to kill this song o.o

EmoChics09 says:

lol nice moves 🙂

xxradioactivedecayxx says:

Ahhh that was so cute!

nina3285 says:

haha so cute

rawrgiggles1 says:

he also has a stickam (chrisandsam)

rawrgiggles1 says:

omg he`s sooo hot!!…lolz XD…..

CrystalicFlame says:

this is so cute but the song makes me want to stab a ferrot in the skull

ozonokore says:

pero que desmadre tenia chris en su cuarto
que edad tenia ahi???

EnvyHonest says:



xoAlecsXo says:

no, like 18, idk when is his Birthday..
he has a myspace…

TrueSprouseFan11 says:

how old is he now? like 19?? :O

xoAlecsXo says:

he was like… 15 years old in this video…

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