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An introduction to the martial art Capoeira, featuring the Capoeira Mandinga Academy in Oakland, CA. An Expression Art College podcast.


Gilberto Oliveira says:

que bosta de video. capoeira. nao e ficar pulando que nen macaco. capoeira e gingas e golpes e derrubes e lutas e ate defesa pessoal. agora posta um video na net. e não mostra um golpe de capoeira. video disgraçado. bando de filhos de umas putas. capoeira e lutas porra . não so ficar gingando seus otarios

SarahorAssassinsCFan says:

this reminds me greatly of taekwondo as, without the music, this would resemble a mixture of our training drills for control, accuracy, strength and balance. Also the logo is very similar to our one which also symbolises that the two arts are both centred around kicks (in taekwondo it is because of the need to de-horse riders).

yustinus wilman says:

aku semangat lihat dan nonton capoeira tetapi saya minta kalau bisa gerakan gerakan dasarnya nama nama gerakan dan lagu lagu capoeira di kirim di youtube boleh

tkbadgirl says:

Started in Africa. Was carried over from Africa to Brazil. Very controversial but very true. look it up.

romeo dossantos says:

respect from a fellow mixed martial artist ive done muay thai brazilian jujitsu aikido and i been doing capoeira all my life i highly recommend you try it its something you would enjoy even if it isnt your style its worth a try 🙂

AuraDragon11 says:

Came here because of Avatar the last airbender the headband!

standingontruth1 says:

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EMR80 says:

Some people don’t understand they are playing. The first time I seen Capoeira was in 1987 the art is effective they can kick you in some many ways. I seen two men kick so fast I could not see their feet at all. I think the are more shape than most Karate and TKD people I seen. This is coming from a Boxer, TKD, and Muay Thai person. I keep an open mind when it come too Martial Arts. A friend invited me to learn Capoeria, but never got around to coming.

tyccww says:

wow! so beautiful

itsbarbiebiatch says:

it sounds better acoustic than on official song however.

itsbarbiebiatch says:

name of song after much stress and googling-sergio mendes -magalenha

Chris Ross says:

go for it. i used to feel that way. then i tried it. practiced alot and even went down to brazil twice. it has changed my life. i honestly dont know where i would be with out it. i would hope that expierience for anyone.

Chris Ross says:

im sure its a great martial art. i may have to give it a try. but i dont beliave its the martial art. i believe its the martial artist.

disxenuebe says:

What is the name of the song theyre playing?

marcos silva says:

quem e do brasil da joinha

steven tran says:

thats an opinion, but ninjitsu is a good martial art though i think all martial arts are

Fabizm1970 says:

I am 41 and I took up Capoeira 4 years ago. My Mestre taught me how to build up to the flips. Now I can do Macacos, altos, tesoura and other Senzala moves. The power of Senzala is a demonstration of athletic ability, but Angola style is a game for clever opponents. Not that one is better than the other, but knowing both will give you a superior game ability. If you want to learn how, find a good Mestre and he will guide you. Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for.

jbonejason says:

omg i love this video there should be a love button

12e451360lego says:

This so cool i might sign up for this

aroblesCG says:

I can assure you that the people who can do cool spinning kicks and flips and make it look easy didn’t start out that way. It took them years of practice to achieve it. It may not happen overnight, but with enough small steps, you can get there.

Vusal La-Ahad says:

Ninjitsu is the best martial art and it is a life lesson

xskullxkissesx says:

i wish my body was strong enough to support me for doing all the flips and kicks 🙁 *keeps dreaming*

CapoeiraParis says:

Nice Capoeira video

really great and some amazing skills

check also ” Capoeira fight 2012 ” for other brazil stuff


TheCapone1010 says:

I wanna learn how to do this bad!!!

MoniMonita143 says:

wats the name of the song in the beginning when dey starded dancing

corbin says:

Concordo plenamente.

CapoeiraLobo says:

for more capoeira action check this video out:

Icyhitsa says:

Tekken movie is awsome 😀

imnodog says:

only the strong, or anything with Lateef Crowder, search for his name.

curtny mathurin says:

there is a movie base on this dance?? anyone help//

sogiomauva says:

Capoiera is so tender… in the good sense! I love it!

Thepicmusic says:

Capoeira is the best sport ever! Capoeira alvorada!

evikt14 says:

Nice video. Love the dance and fighting style, plus without contact. Wich to me shows control, as that is the way of the movement. peace and love.

MrDukepeter says:

0:37 “Hey, that’s the trolls dance” 😀 

MrDukepeter says:

I have been waiting along time to avenge ma fatha, a great weight has been lifted, from my shouldas.

MrFerenox says:

Da VooDoo Answer To Only Da Darkspear, Da Troo Trolls

CapeVerdeIguana says:


hipolitoeduardo says:

I remember, I remember well the beating he took when whites tried to storm the Kilombo Zumbi dos Palmares

Azesoteric says:

absolutely right but still missing a little…..capoeira was found of angola and youroba ritual to enter the stage of Obatala and Babaolo( stages sage and priesthood)……….and was brought to brazil by those captured slaves..thats how we get maculele and angola those are ritual dances thats why old capoeira sages pour or say libation before the start of a roda…..i am not a contra mestre and i know of this cause i am an african. living in the caribbean…tsk tsk tsk

furyberserk says:

Capoeira… it’s like the matrix, except it can hurt people and show you stylin’ on people at the same time!!! 😀

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

above, true roots, roda de samba, somehow linked to the Roda de capoeira…

scagazines says:

what’s the title of the song they ‘re singing at 3:13 ?

scagazines says:

me too !!

Michael Permana says:

wow, I just know that now. thx for the info..

bigclay50 says:

7 people got they ass kicked by capoeira

ronaldoishii says:

Salve Mestre Bengala……
“- Olha pega a beriba e começa a tocar
– Pandeiro, atabaque não pode faltar…
– No jogo ligeiro que lá na Bahia
Aprendi a jogar”…(Hoje tem Capoeira)
Tem capoerista bom na roda…
Saudações do Brasil….

DivineBanana says:

these guys should all go to blizzcon and auditon in the dance competition for the troll dance

TheWolven12 says:

Today we had a German dance teacher come into our school and teach us a little capoeira. I really, really enjoyed it. I think it’s different, it’s engaging, and most of all it’s fun. Don’t get me wrong, it was just one session. We just learn the basic jengaa moves. I found it pretty easy to do, the kicking and the ducking. … Actually, I found it ALOT easier, compared to our street dance. I popped my shoulder on the street dance, but with capoeira, it’s flowing, energetic and pretty gentle. 😀

Serge Kannon says:

No argument. You are right. I contacted the person who taught me and it was I who misheard his pronunciation. Even if i hadn’t called him, I would have nothing to say about your argument. Thanks for correcting me! 🙂 Now I no longer have to look like an ass by calling it capoharra. I never liked that word.

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