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Some 470 inmates of a Brazilian prison continued to hold nearly 100 family members and friends after taking them hostage one day earlier during a routine visit.

Brazilian TV aired video of the prisoners holding knives and rifles stolen from the jail’s armoury in the northeastern Sergipe state. They reportedly used the stolen weapons to threaten three prison guards.

Except for the prison guards, all of the hostages were related to the inmates — including women and children — and were visiting when the uprising broke out.

The prisoners originally captured some 130 people, but on Monday morning they released 28 hostages. However, negotiations were developing slowly according to media reports.

The inmates are demanding better conditions in the overcrowded prison and complaining about abuses committed by prison guards. They were also planning on giving local authorities a list with the names of the guards they claim are abusive.

Over 150 police officers were sent to the area to assist with negotiations.

The institution was built to house some 2,000 prisoners, but it is currently holding some 4,000 inmates.


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